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Dress Clash Prevention Website DressSpy Announces Its Launch in the U.S. Market


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- DressSpy, a website that helps women make the most out of weddings, celebrations or big nights out, will launch in the United States market this week. The site has already been a big hit at notable weddings and other events in the UK for some time.

The way that DressSpy works is both simple and effective: people who set up a DressSpy event through the site receive their own private web space that will allow them and their guests to share dress photos and chat about the event.

Having an idea ahead of time what others might be wearing will help prevent what the founders of DressSpy refer to as dress clash, which is when more than one guest arrives wearing the same outfit. Guests can share details about their wedding outfits and accessories, and much more.

Additional features that are offered by DressSpy include a messaging function on the event page that allows everyone who is invited to make travel arrangements and get fashion suggestions from other guests. Guests will also have access to articles about topics like stylish dresses for wedding and other advice from the site’s experts.

When using the DressSpy features, no one has to reveal the design of their special occasion dresses. It is possible to keep a dress secret and still avoid dress clash. Users of the website can also email prepared invitations that contain a unique DressSpy event code. The invitations may also be printed out and mailed to the guests.

Women who have used DressSpy have nothing but praise for the website and its many features.

“At my engagement party my mom and mother-in-law came in almost identical outfits, so when I found DressSpy I signed up instantly for my wedding,” Linda from Sheffield, England wrote in a review.

“It was simple to use and everyone really enjoyed the build up to the big day. And of course we had no embarrassing moments.”

About DressSpy
DressSpy allows women who are attending formal events like a wedding to set up a private space and to share dress photos so that they can avoid the embarrassment of two people wearing the same outfit (dress clash). They can even do this without revealing to everyone else what they are wearing. The site also allows ladies to touch base before an event and to make travel and other meeting arrangements in advance of the event. Fashion advice and competitions are also available on this active social site. For more information, please visit http://www.dressspy.com