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Dressing Baby Appropriately for a Good Night's Sleep

During Record-Setting Winter Temperatures: Nicole Johnson of The Baby Sleep Site® Offers Her Expert Advice


Westerville, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- The 2014 winter season has produced record low temperatures for most of the country. As temperatures drop, many parents become concerned about ensuring that their babies and toddlers are nice and warm at bedtime. The problem is, many parents will actually overdress their little ones for winter time sleep. And that can cause everything from restless sleep to an increased risk of SIDS. Nicole Johnson, President of The Baby Sleep Site®, is offering tips on how to keep babies and toddlers warm during winter sleep without overdressing them.

Children who are too warm won’t sleep well. In fact, toddlers and preschoolers who are too warm at night may be more inclined to have nightmares or night terrors. Parents must be sure to avoid the urge to pile on fleece. In reality, the ideal sleep temperature for most children and adults is a bit on the cool side—right around 68 degrees. Parents who aren’t sure if baby is warm enough can do a simple “skin check” - baby’s skin should be comfortable to the touch and even a little cool (but not cold or frigid).

For newborns who are swaddled, Nicole Johnson recommends a onesie underneath a light sleep and play outfit (long-sleeved). Then, over the top of this, baby can be swaddled in a lightweight cotton blanket. Older babies can be dressed similarly, but do not need to be swaddled. For these babies, Nicole Johnson recommends a “sleep sack.” It provides warmth without the suffocation dangers associated with loose blankets.

“Ultimately, the goal is to keep baby warm while still ensuring safe sleep,” says Nicole Johnson. “For most parents, this will mean resisting the impulse to overdress baby, and to instead stick with a few light, breathable layers.”

That said, Johnson also acknowledges that parents know their babies best, and should use their best judgment when it comes to dressing for sleep. “I cannot stress enough that every baby is different,” says Nicole Johnson, “and every situation is unique. That’s why, at The Baby Sleep Site®, we focus on personalizing and customizing our solutions, so that they provide maximum results for each individual baby and family.”

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