Dressve Launches Dress It Up with Huge Discounts on Fashion Kits, Introducing Dressve Designs


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2014 -- Dressve, a top player in the fashion industry, now launches another special promo, Dress It Up, even as the store introduces its Dressve designs.

Of course, there is no end to fashion trends today as the market usually witnesses the introduction of exotic fashion products from time to time. With a view to providing high-quality and discounted fashion goods,

According to the Marketing Director of Dressve, a fashion store formerly called Dressvenus, it's been confirmed that the store always seeks to beat the competition through the sale of fashion goods that come with high quality and affordability. "For quite some time now, Dressve has adopted a new promotional strategy that is geared toward building a long lasting business relationship with our customer base. It involves a series of promos," she explains.

While explaining the core objective of its promos, she reveals that "Dress It Up is the third in line of the June series of Dressve's promo offers. All over the world, the prices of women clothing continue to skyrocket, and ladies out there would have to spend fortunes before they can be kitted up like a celebrity. Interestingly, Dressve is helping many customers to have that desirable and cute look, even within their personal budget. So, the essence of the promo is to offer cheap women clothing and accessories."

In preparation for the special promo, the storefront is being stocked with new arrivals; and the Marketing Director has confirmed that Dress It Up will finally kick off on 26 June till 29 June, 2014. She states thus: "Shoppers will find exotic collections of women dresses, tops, sandals, and swimwear. All purchases will come with 85% discount."

Moreover, Dressve now features a range of special clothing that comes with its own ingenious designs, and the clothing items include Dressve design vintage sleeveless sheath, Dressve design sexy strap backless high-low short day, amongst others. "As of today, Dressve is poised to dominate the market with its branded fashion kits," she notes.

For more information on Dress It Up promotion that Dressve will formally launch on 26 June, go here: www.dressve.com

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