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Drew Rigler Available for Digital Marketing Speaking Engagements

Drew is taking requests and bookings for speaking events on Web Design, SEO, Social Media and more.


Trevose, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2016 -- Infinity Digital Agency in Feasterville, PA. are excited to announce that Drew Rigler is being made available for speaking engagements across the Bucks County and Greater Philadelphia area.

Drew Rigler, a Digital Marketing professional with over 18 years of experience in the industry, has been featured in speaking events in the past. Most recently for the SCORE Business network on Web Design and also several Meetup Design and Marketing groups across the Greater Philadelphia area.

"I have done one form or another of Digital Marketing since 1996 when I first built websites, and professionally since 1999. I had a small web design firm, then moved on to SEO and Online Marketing. Unlike some professionals who preach expertise, I can say I have actually built websites, coded, designed, done development, researched and built SEO and Digital Marketing campaigns and strategies and personally implemented them online. Each day, my first few hours are spent learning, the rest is still hands on each account we manage, looking at code, analytics, data, etc." says Drew, reflecting on his background and expertise in the online realm.

"I love it (Digital Marketing), and I love speaking about it, meeting with students and business owners to help them learn and grow themselves and their education on all things related to SEO, Web Design, Social Media - learning whatever it takes to help them know more, grow more and make more money. It's rewarding."

Drew brings his hands-on experiences and real-world examples to each presentation which he believes helps people understand more than just 'regurgitated information.'

"The key to what I do is really try to bring it into real world understanding. We understand our industry, but business owners understand theirs, not ours. That's what we need to be there to do for them. Make them understand it on their terms. I've worked on so many campaigns and with numerous industries, that delivering to the person directly with examples based in their field is easy, and it connects and helps the information sink in. The best situation you can have is they leave much more comfortable and informed than when they walked in and know you are willing to be an ongoing resource for them even after the presentation ends."

Drew Rigler is happy to be available to many different types of engagements, including business networking and education groups, schools and education programs, meetup groups, business and corporate coaching and private networking events. Drew's range of specialties for speaking engagements include Web Design and Development, Small Business Startup online help, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Digital Marketing and numerous related topics.

His most recent successful event where Drew was the featured speaker was to a group of 60 business owners on Wordpress websites and how to create them for your business on a smaller budget. The goal was to help the business owners grow their business at a phase where funding is tight, but allow them to use their site to help grow their business.

"Over 55% of small business owners do not have websites" Drew states. "The biggest reasons are money and not thinking they need it. My goal was to help these business owners understand both that they do need websites and they don't need to break the bank to help their businesses grow."

Feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive and many of attendees have retained Drew and Infinity's services to further help their businesses succeed online.

"One great thing comes from participating in these speaking engagements as an expert speaker - We get to meet and in many cases work with some truly amazing people. It's all about relationship building and we are lucky to have some of the greatest professional relationships with our clients you could wish for."

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