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Hydraulic Fracturing Offers an Excellent Alternative to Current Energy Sources


New Rochelle, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- U.S. natural gas product demand continues to rise, reaching its highest level in four years in December 2013. Experts believe domestic production will continue to increase in 2014 and Exxon Mobile Corp. states they believe this demand will increase by 65 percent in 2040. "Companies looking to expand in this area and offer more horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing find Drilling Chemicals offers the Drilling Fluids and other materials needed to be successful in this field," Jon Madea of Drilling Chemicals declares.

Hydraulic fracturing jobs require the use of many chemicals, such as magnesium peroxide and choline chloride. Each chemical serves a different purpose during the fracturing process, from limiting bacteria growth to preventing well casing corrosion. The goal is to ensure the fracturing job is both efficient and effective. "Many turn to Drilling Chemicals to ensure they obtain the right chemicals for the right shale," Madea explains.

Friction reducers decrease surface pressure along with frac pump engine emissions while acids allow for lower treatment pressure and fewer engine emissions. Corrosion inhibitors reduce the risk of pipe corrosion from the use of acids while also protecting the integrity of the well and biocides reduce the risk of corrosion and formation souring. Oxygen scavengers reduce the risk of the well integrity being compromised while decreasing corrosion and gelling agents reduce the amount of water needed during hydraulic fracturing.

Experts continue to debate the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic fracturing, often referred to as fracking, and politicians are expressing their opinions on this hot topic also. When done properly, with the right chemicals, hydraulic fracturing provides a safe, economical source of clean energy. "With the correct tools and supplies, hydraulic fracturing benefits the environment by providing an alternative to current forms of energy, ones which may damage the environment," Madea goes on to say.

Drilling Chemicals provides drilling contractors across the globe a simple way to obtain quotes and order drilling fluids and fracking chemicals. "All chemicals provided by Drilling Chemicals are of the highest quality and yet the prices remain competitive. Our goal is to ensure companies don't have to cut corners during the fracking process just to make it profitable. In addition, our staff and leading-edge technology remain available for companies making use of our products as we want to ensure the process is flawless at all times. Our planet and its inhabitants deserve nothing less," Madea proclaims.

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