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Drink Tea and Lose Weight - Sounds Too Good to Be True


Arlington, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- One of the questions that most people tend to ask when they want to drink slimming tea, is which is the most suitable tea for this purpose; green tea, red tea, black tea or oolong tea? To a greater or lesser extent, all have properties related to the matter.

Without a doubt, the most widely used product within the orbit of the weight loss tea is red tea or also known as the pu-erh , is used for this purpose because of its ability to accelerate and ease metabolic fat burning. Whereas green tea is also quite popular and known for its weight loss properties. It is said that green tea allegedly helps eliminate fat and suppress appetite as it gives the body the happy feeling like when a person's craving for food is satisfied give that the tea is consumed often enough.

All this information mentioned above is just a fraction of what you will find out on , the latest consumer product review blog written by Cathy Hanson who spends much time researching about teas' weight loss and health benefits.

Cathy has stated that among many weight loss products on the market, Kou Tea is the latest one that seems to have the most solid research backing up its claims. “After all, we've only been drinking tea for hundreds if not thousands of years. Only up until now, when the scientific advancement allows us to take a closer look at these wonderful beverages that are not only tasty but evidently can help us fight against obesity-related illnesses,” said Cathy.

“But not all teas are created equal”, she said. “You want the benefits minus the side effects and unfortunately, some products on the market are still striving to meet the standard. Kou Tea is one of a few products on the market whose manufacturers ensure the highest qualities of the raw materials. They make sure that every step of the way, the tea is produced in the cleanest and safest manners.”

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