DrinkLock Co-Founders Mike Bokman and Frank Mills Seek $25,000 in Crowdfunding via Kickstarter to Launch the World's First Reverse Drink Coaster


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- What’s a Reverse Drink Coaster? It’s the solution to the problem of drink drugging, drink tampering and date rape incidences.

Mike and Frank are bartenders in Washington, DC and they’ve seen it all. They’ve made friends, had lots of regular customers, and love the daily adventure of being bartenders in a bustling city. What they hate is seeing women AND men fall prey to beverage contamination which often leads to a very bad night or perhaps even tragedy.

That’s what inspired these innovative entrepreneurs to develop the DrinkLock Reverse Coaster. True ingenuity in the design makes drink tampering of any kind completely impossible. That’s because the reverse coaster is slapped on top of the drink with a tamper-proof seal and unique DrinkLock serial number. The result? When stepping away from their drink to visit the bathroom, go dancing, or step outside for a cigarette, nobody will be able to slip a drug into that drink. Upon their return, a quick glance at their DrinkLock coaster lets them know they can continue to enjoy their beverage with peace of mind knowing that drink tampering didn’t happen to them.

With the DrinkLock design perfected and proof-of-concept established, Mike and Frank need startup capital to start mass-production and marketing. This will create the distribution of the DrinkLock through various retail and wholesale channels, first throughout the greater Washington, DC area, then across the United States and later the world.

This crowdfunding campaign ends October 12, 2014.

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About DrinkLock
Mike Bokman, CEO and co-founder, was himself a victim of drink tampering. Mike was “roofied” on his 21st birthday at a nightclub and woke up at a Greyhound bus station in Baltimore 3 miles away. He disappeared. His friends couldn’t find him and due to a total blackout he doesn’t remember a single thing that happened that night. He and Frank have both seen those close to them fall victim to beverage contamination. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t end up as lucky as Mike, which is what inspired this team to create DrinkLock Reverse Coasters.