Joe Bragg Aims to Be Internet's Number One Way to Find High-Paid Trucking Jobs


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- A good trucking job can be hard to find. However, good trucking jobs are out there. Every day, good trucking companies hire truckers with all different levels of experience and reward their new employees with attractive benefits packages and competitive salaries.

Those who are ready to find good trucking jobs in any part of the United States can visit, a truck driving job resource designed to connect good truckers with good trucking companies. The website features a map of the United States that allows visitors to easily pick and choose the state in which they would like to find a job.

After selecting a state, the website searches its database and displays the best trucking jobs in that area. Each job listing is accompanied with a company profile as well as a description of the benefits package and salary drivers can expect when working with the company.

As a spokesperson for explains, the website was created with one simple goal in mind:

“There are plenty of good truckers out there who are working for bad companies. They may be underpaid and overworked. Instead of being miserable, we encourage these truckers to explore their options. A trucker with years of on-the-road experience is a valuable asset. At our website, we can get trucking companies competing for the trucker – not the other way around.” gets companies competing for the trucker using a simple form. After filling out that form, the website submits the information to nearby trucking companies. Truckers may receive job offers from multiple companies, leading to higher compensation and a more attractive salary package.

In an effort to win over truckers, many companies also offer sign-on bonuses. These bonuses can be worth anywhere from $1000 to $5000. Jobs are also separated based on their pay per mile, vacation days per month, and experience requirements. Truckers can easily see all of this information long before they submit an application to a trucking company.

Some jobs are designed for truckers fresh out of training, while other jobs are for drivers with decades of experience. Whether searching for a new trucking job or searching for a first trucking job, aims to make life easier for truckers across the United States.

About is a truck driver job listing website that features job listings for positions across the United States. Truckers can sort through job listings based on location, experience, pay, vacation days, and other qualities. For more information, please visit: