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Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2015 -- Cedar Rapids, Iowa, caught 160,000 speeders in less than two years, making it one of the most expensive places for drivers. Some drivers have claimed the speeding tickets in Iowa, and other states are not about road safety, and instead they are an easy revenue stream. understand their frustration, and that is why they provide a free consultation in helping drivers to beat unfair speeding penalties. are experts in helping drivers to fight speeding tickets. With the tremendous success rate, they have achieved has become the leading site to turn to when a driver receives an unfair speeding penalty ticket.

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At one time or another most drivers will receive a speeding ticket. Even careful drivers may from time to time edge over the speed limit, and on that one occasion they could likely to receive a fine. One simple moment of error, could result in an expensive fine and penalty points. This revenue stream may seem unfair and unbeatable but not any longer. agree that speeding tickets should not be used as a revenue stream. They are determined to continue their fight against unfair speeding tickets and provide drivers with the necessary tools to be successful in court. Although they are not lawyers, they have been fighting unfair speeding tickets since 2004 and have become more successful than most lawyers in helping drivers beat penalty tickets.

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