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Driving School in Leicester Celebrates 100,000 Views on Youtube


Leicester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2013 -- It’s celebration time for a driving school in Leicester as over one hundred thousand unique view. The2 minute 30 second video,which was uploaded to YouTube 2 years ago, by Jon Matthews Driving Schoolhas gained an impressive viewership of more than 100,000 with a high commenting to boot.In an Internet world where YouTubevideos often go under the radar, and are often completely ignored, this is no mean feat.

The theme of the driving lesson video is roundabout driving faults. “Roundabout Driving Faults” invitesviewers to spot the driving faults, from the driver’s POV. There are a fewtexts that comes up during the length of the 150 second clip attempts to make it clear where the errors lie, and therefore easier for learner drivers to avoid these same mistakes.

Most videos posted to YouTube fail to gather a decent number of views, so if a film uploaded to the site is doing well, then the maker of the video must be doing something right.

The erstwhile little know Driving School have, however, come up with a great, not so novel, way of introducing themselves to the public, while providing practical advice without preaching to their viewers. There areplenty of driving lesson videos on YouTube, but most have failed to capture people’s imagination, and don’t attract much in the way of views.

Viewership isn’t all about state-of-the-art videos, it’s about producing content that people want to see, and that people can gain something from. Any company that can hit upon a way of getting a 100,000 viewership on YouTube can be pretty proud of itself.The same video has also generated over 100 comments.

According to Jon Matthews, the PR Director at Jon Matthews Driving School;

“We are very pleased at the success of this clip. We have other more educational videos, on our channel, but this one really makes us happy about the Youtube experience.”

Negative Comments
Perhaps one of the most intriguing things about this video is the number of comments the viewership wrote to express their support, or dislike. The Youtube audience in known to have a short attention span and can’t be bothered to engage or interact online.So getting viewers interested enough to actually comment on it, is no mean feat.There are more negative comments than positive ones about this video, but the poor reception seems to be encouraging more engagement with it. And that seems to be the very nature of the Internet.

While many of the comments are negative, that part perhaps isn’t surprising. After all, it is all too easy for someone to go online, post an anonymous comment, usually negative, and then get on with their day. At a time when the Internet dominates so many lives, writing something negative online has become the new sport. However, it is true what they say: no publicity is bad publicity, and the video succeeds in getting its point across. Viewers don’t have to like the video in order to learn from it.

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