Joe Bragg Chooses Beats by Dr. Dre as Best Headphones of 2013


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- Headphones come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of sound quality. However, today’s shoppers compare headphones based on more than just sound quality. Headphones are compared based on price, design, and the fashion style of the headset itself.

At, visitors can learn everything they need to know about buying the perfect set of headphones. features detailed information about the different types of headphones available on the market today and recently revealed its picks for the best headphones of 2013.

A spokesperson for Dr. Monster Headphones announced which headphones the website picked as the best of 2013:

“We are proud to choose Beats By Dr. Dre as the best headphones of 2013. Our panel of audio experts felt strongly that the superior audio quality of Beats headphones justified their relatively high price tag. Backed by some of the music industry’s biggest producers and recording artists, Beats headphones are an excellent pick for anyone who appreciates good sound quality when listening to music.”

The homepage features a detailed explanation of why Beats By Dr. Dre was the website’s consensus pick as the best headphones of 2013. The website also reviews specific types of Beats headphones - like the recently released Neon Beats Mixr headphones.

Of course, features more than just reviews and comparisons of Beats headphones. The website also features a diverse range of other audio gear, including waterproof earbud reviews, sound cables, laptops, and headphone accessories. Buying a laptop with good sound quality can be difficult, which is why wants to help:

“The sound that comes out of most laptops can be awful for even the most novice audiophile to listen to. That’s why our team spent some time researching and testing some of the best laptops for sound available today. Certain laptop manufacturers - including HP - have teamed up with Beats to create superior audio experiences. The best part about using a laptop for sound is that the user doesn’t have to carry around bulky speakers. Instead, high-quality speakers are installed directly into the device.”

Beats audio technology can also be found on cars made by Chrysler and Fiat. At, visitors can learn why Beats studio headphones and Beats products are so popular among musicians, producers, and other music industry professionals.

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