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DroneVisible Launches a One-Stop Resource for Drone News, Reviews and Information


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2016 -- DroneVisible is a complete, one-stop resource on RC drone news, reviews and guides appropriate for novice and experienced drone pilots. The site provides visitors with reviews, information about new aircraft coming on the market and buyers' guides, along with price ranges and videos.

The website explores drones equipped with cameras, the top five drone accessories, and reviews of the best drone options for performing specific tasks and functions. Visitors will learn how to determine the primary goal for their drone and specialized terms used in relation to the devices, along with tips to keep in mind about restrictions and legal aspects of flying the aerial craft.

What began as remote-controlled toys for children has evolved into sophisticated aircraft used by hobbyists, law enforcement and the entertainment industry. Today's drones come with the ability to shoot HD video and photos. As the devices have become more popular, a wealth of drone options has exploded on the consumer market and given rise to national and international drone racing championships.

Drone prices can extend into thousands of dollars, but inexpensive beginner drones can be obtained for as little as $50. The XTREEM Mini Stealth Drone is on the low end of the cost spectrum and designed for indoor flights. The Parrot Rolling Spider Mini Drone has a price of about $100 and features a unique design that allows pilots to perform a variety of stunts. It can be connected to mobile devices and has an eight-minute flight time.

Also in the $100 range is the UDI U818A, a sturdy German-made drone that's equipped to take videos and has a flight time of 7-9 minutes. Those new to drones can purchase the Holy Stone F180C quadcopter for around $95. It has four different flight modes, the ability to capture still shots and video, and red/blue lights for nighttime flights.

DroneVisible provides consumers with a one-stop resource for news, information and reviews about all types of drones and their unique capabilities. The site is equally appropriate for novice and experienced pilots, welcomes videos from drone enthusiasts, and offers the data needed to make informed purchasing decisions.

About DroneVisible
DroneVisible was started by two men to educate, inform and help you make a decision on buying your first or 10th drone. We have over eight years of combined experience flying and reviewing the latest and most advanced drones on the market.

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