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Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- Drop shipping is a popular technique of selling goods that involves a unique management of supply chain during which the goods retailers do not maintain any stocks overhead. What they do is they directly hand down the customer orders to the manufacturer of the goods or even the wholesaler and it is their (i.e. manufacturer or wholesaler) responsibility then to ship the products to the customer. One company that excels as a drop shipping company is Ankaka Ltd and the company operates through its official website Ankaka.com. This drop shipping company has been offering drop shipping services to more than 400 Electronics manufacturing companies in China, with which it had partnered in the year 2005. Today it is one among the reputed companies that dropship in China and is counted one among the top-rated Chinese drop ship suppliers supplying foreign traders with an extensive range of electronic goods.

Dropship companies like Ankaka is rapidly expanding only because its customers are happy with its services. The sourcing team of the company and also the team that looks after the quality control department consist of professionals whose wisdom and experience have made Ankaka what it is today; i.e. one of the top wholesale dropship companies in China. Among the many customers of this drop shipping wholesaler Company, there are corporate buyers, internationally famous wholesale importers, local retailer stores, local drop shippers, reputed e-stores, and eBay powersellers to name a few. The rate at which Ankaka’s customer base is increasing, the company’s team members are hopeful that very soon Ankaka.com will take the lead among Chinese dropshipping wholesalers and drop shipping suppliers of consumer electronic gadgets.

‘We value our customers and always try our best to provide them with best quality products. We are not concerned much about marketing or advertizing; instead we invest our entire funds on sourcing supreme quality goods to our resellers. This explains why our customers can get here quality goods at minimum prices. We believe in pleasing our customers because if our customers are pleased our business will automatically be advertized and our popularity will increase by the word of mouth’ says a team member

What makes Ankaka one of the most popular dropship wholesalers or drop ship suppliers in China are the three major attributes of the company: 1. Best quality products 2. Very low prices 3.Very good customer service. The company also allows people to enroll in a dropship program and start a drop ship business of their own.

‘I am retailer of electronic goods who hired the drop shipping services of Ankaka Ltd and found it extraordinary. I earned a lot of spare money soon after. Thanks Ankaka!’ says a happy customer. For more info visit http://www.ankaka.com/wholesale_dropship.html

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