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Drought Conditions in Parts of the United States Stand in the Way of Routine Car Washes

With most of the United States desperate for rain, wet-washing vehicles is impossible, but a clean car is still possible with AERO’s SHINE.


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2012 -- Major news outlets all over the United States are comparing 2012’s dry summer to the droughts of 1998 and 1980. Drought conditions and water rationing in many parts of the country is making it difficult, if not impossible, to keep a clean car the traditional way; water, soap, a sponge and a little elbow grease. Summer brings more obstacles for keeping a clean vehicle, as well, like bugs and other debris that are not only unsightly, but can lead to damage on vehicle paint surfaces if not attended to.

Luckily, International AERO Products, AERO, was tasked with formulating a dry wash for aircraft, since water hoses are forbidden in many aircraft hangers, and that did not scratch painted surfaces. The result is AERO’s SHINE, Dry Wash and Speed Wax. SHINE allows consumers to clean their vehicles without water, while it also leaves behind a layer of AERO’s polymer that lasts up to 90 days.

So how does SHINE work? Spray SHINE on a dry, clean microfiber towel and wipe it on the vehicle’s surface. When SHINE is applied, the polymer encapsulates itself around the dirt and debris to prevent scratches or harm to the vehicle’s paint. SHINE can be removed immediately with another dry, clean microfiber towel, or can be removed after a layer of SHINE has been applied to the entire vehicle. Once removed, not only will the vehicle be pristine, but also the vehicle’s paint is protected from the elements.

AERO’s full line of products have been hitting store shelves all around the world this last year, and are still used today to clean multi-million dollar private aircraft. The AERO line includes products to fulfill all of your detailing and cleaning needs – FINALE, Final Wipe Down; SHINE, Dry Wash and Speed Wax; VIEW, Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner; IMMACULATE, Interior Cleaner; SUPPLE, Leather Conditioner; POLISH, Metal and Aluminum Polish; SUDS, Wet-Wash Soap; PROTECT, Tire and Vinyl Dressing; SPOT, Carpet and Fabric Cleaner; AWAY, Tire and Engine Cleaner; GLIDE, Polymer-Infused Clay Bar and SHIELD, 2-Part Protectant.

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International AERO Products are designed to withstand the most extreme environments on Earth, from airfield surface temperatures that can reach 120° F to a frigid -60° F at 50,000 feet above the Earth. Until now, AERO products have only been available to the aerospace industry for maintaining the world’s most exclusive aircraft. International AERO Products offers a wide selection of quality tested and approved cleaning, polishing, protective coating and detailing products for all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs. To find out where to purchase AERO products visit or call (800) 337- 9274.