Pax House

Drug Abuse Treatment Center in California Reaches out to More People


Altadena, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- Pax House, the recognized drug treatment center in California now widens its reach to help more people cope up from substance abuse. This is done by launching their online website, where people can get free information about the different treatments on drug addiction.

“We offer a structured residential treatment program designed to provide each client with accurate information concerning the disease of addiction/alcoholism as well as exposure toward a proven path of recovery. It is our hope every client will comprehend the nature of the illness and embark upon a journey of recovery which will far exceed their expectations,” as said in their official website.

Pax House is located in the tranquil place of Altadena California. It retains its name, ‘Pax’ which is a Latin word for peace. Their treatment process is matched with a serene environment, where patients can better achieve calm and peacefulness as they are being treated under the care of competent healthcare professionals.

Their treatments include yoga, art and music therapy, hiking, fitness activities and more. This is in-line with their professional treatment services: detoxification, outpatient and sober living. The residential treatment also includes:

Group Therapy
Individual Counseling and Therapy
Family Dynamics with LMFT
Educational Groups
Anger Management
Relapse Prevention
Disease Concept
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Co-Occurring Disorders
12 Step Book Studies (both AA and NA)
Gender specific process groups
Fun in Sobriety
12-Step Meetings
Legal Advocacy

“Pax House staff is committed to providing meaningful interaction with every client during their journey through the treatment process. We understand the challenges of early recovery and will serve as positive role models. Our goal is to demonstrate a happy, fun, healthy, productive, positive life without the use of alcohol and drugs. Each staff member reflects the success of this goal,” the company adds.

Pax House is focused on holistic care more than prescribing medications per se - and that is why it is one of the most trusted and effective drug abuse treatment centers in California. Over the years, it already helped thousands of people live a drug-free and harmonious life. To know more about the services of Pax House, or to talk to experts, visit