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Periodically, people have lapses in judgment and end up in legal trouble. One such difficulty might be involvement in a drunk driving issue. If one is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, one will definitely require the services of a drunk driving accident lawyer. The following information will offer some ideas about how to obtain that attorney.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2012 -- The first step in searching for a drunk driving attorney is to talk with other people who have been in that predicament. Those who have had a good result by working with a certain attorney will speak highly of that attorney’s abilities, giving a good indication that he is effective. If one has connection to court clerks or bailiffs, one might inquire of them how certain attorneys perform while in front of a judge. It might also be wise to ask some other lawyers whom they would choose for representation if they were in this situation. Considering their responses is a helpful tool toward getting the right DUI attorney.

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Another terrific source to look into for a competent, experienced drunk driving lawyer is the National College for DUI Defense, a not-for-profit association dedicated to the training and education of DUI defense lawyers. The College can be accessed at, and it keeps an inventory of the select attorneys allowed into the school. It is best to obtain a lawyer that specialized in DUI cases, as they can be complex and the best possible legal representation is necessary.

Particularly in cases where one stands accused of causing an alcohol-related accident, one absolutely must hire a drunk driving accident lawyer. An experienced drunk driving attorney can reduce one’s sentence for a first time offense to a fine and DUI school, rather than incarceration, depending on the situation. Choose several DUI attorneys then make a list of questions to ask them when interviewing them. These questions should help to determine how long a particular attorney has been defending drunken drivers, how much of his practice is directed specifically toward DUI defense, and whether or not he is a member of the National College for DUI Defense. Other inquiries might be whether he has been asked to speak at DUI education seminars for other attorneys. If he has, this indicates that his peers consider him in the forefront of his specialty. It is also important to know if a DUI attorney has received training in field sobriety testing, so he can properly challenge the FST given at the time of an alcohol-related incident.

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