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When a person living in Lansing has a few too many alcoholic beverages while at dinner and then gets behind the wheel, he gets pulled over and arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Now he needs a drunk driving attorney in Michigan but has no idea how to find a good one.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/01/2013 -- Fortunately for him, has researched this topic and is now prepared to share the results of it, including:

- Online Companies
- Support Groups
- Law Librarians
- Personal Referrals

Utilize an Online Connection Service

Many Michigan drunk driving attorneys offer online methods to connect with the best DUI lawyers. An offender plugs in his information, including his name, address, and date of his arrest. The website then matches him up with a lawyer in his area. They schedule an appointment to discuss the case on the telephone and, take it from there. Often, this results in a good match and the person obtains efficient representation.

Check out DUI Support Groups

If the man arrested for DUI in Lansing finds a good support group through AA or another 12-step program, he may be able to ask other members who they chose as their drunk driving attorney in Michigan. He could also tap into the knowledge of the group’s leader. This person is in contact with many lawyers and can provide the man with lots of names. While doing that, he can offer his opinion as to which of the attorneys he feels would work best for the man.

Chat up a Law Librarian

Law librarians are the laypeople most familiar with Michigan drunk driving attorneys. Lawyers are constantly in law libraries, and they frequently require assistance from the librarians. Because of this fact, the librarians form opinions of the attorneys which they can then pass on. If the gentleman facing DUI charges spoke with one or two law librarians, he’d come away with valuable information about DUI lawyers in his area. He’d also glean the names of attorneys the librarians speak highly of so he’d narrow down his choices.

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Ask Others’ Opinions

When a person is planning to purchase a new television, he asks people he knows that have the same thing how they feel about it. The same process applies to choosing a drunk driving attorney in Michigan. Those living under pending DUI charges all end up in the same place eventually – in front of a judge. All of them need a good lawyer; talking to others who’ve been there can help find one.

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