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Suppose a gentleman was out at a club in Seattle one evening. He had several cocktails with friends and then got into his sedan and began to drive home. On the way, a police officer notices this man’s erratic swerving and swaying from one side to the other of the road. He pulls the man over, asks him to take a field sobriety test, which he fails, and arrests him. It is now time for this man to begin the search for an effective, experienced Seattle DUI Lawyer. The following will explore the methods the man must employ to get the best attorney for his situation.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- First he’ll want to begin talking to other people who have been in this situation to find out which of the many Seattle drunk driving lawyers they chose. He should ask what about the attorney caused them to choose that particular one. Does he have a strong, convincing delivery of the facts of a case? Does she encourage empathy for her client? After these questions are asked and answered, he might want to go to a university’s law library where he can speak with paralegals and law students. These people have much experience with members of the bar and can offer some useful insight to who is efficient and effective and who is not.

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Another option available to the offender is to check the local or state bar association register. While it cannot recommend specific a specific Seattle DUI lawyer, it can offer significant information about individual performances in court. Such information can make a big difference when searching for the best possible attorney. There are also many online services that can help a person with a legal problem find the right attorney for their issue. Too, many reputable lawyers have websites these days. Be sure to check out former and current client feedback to learn more about the attorneys in the sites. Another online offering is a lawyer’s directory. This catalog lists thorough profiles of various lawyers within a particular geographic area. All that is required is a brief overview of one’s situation and one’s contact information. Once the directory matches an attorney with a potential client, it’s up to them to work out the arrangements for representation.

When searching for the right one of the hundreds of Seattle drunk driving lawyers out there, be ready to ask some questions. Inquire about hourly rates and extra fees such as filing fees. Most importantly, rely on instinct to guide one to the right lawyer.

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