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Drunken Ferry Publishes Various Drinking Games, Party Themes, and Music Playlists for New Years Eve


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2012 -- DrunkenFerry.com, a provider of various entertainment ideas, has recently published many drinking games, types of drinks, party themes and music playlists to help hosts of New Years Eve throw a memorable party. These ideas come with fun and comprehensive descriptions to elaborate the possible party plan. The company has previously gained quite a success on Twitter for its unique and extensive party ideas.

One of the ideas that the company is famous for is its Beer Pong versions. Flip Cup and Beer Pong are considered one of the best drinking games by Drunken Ferry and many different kinds of these games are published on the website. Further Drunken Ferry’s articles on Top 10 Best Ever Beer Pong Tables and Choosing a Beer Pong Partner have tantalized the readers. The company has also published other unique games such as Civil War Beer Pong and Odd Man Out – Three Men Beer Pong. An explanation on Beer Pong Strategy is provided by Drunken Ferry to help drinking enthusiasts show off during parties.

The company’s party themes are not short of creativity as well. Themes such as Last Meal: End of the World Party and ABC Party are one of kind themes and are probably unheard of by anyone. An ABC Party is based on an idea that everyone attending can wear anything but clothes. Newspapers, tissue rolls, cartons, rugs, rubber band, leaves are some materials suggested by Drunken Ferry. The company states that Murder Mystery Party theme has really caught on in colleges. The idea of imitating a personality and playing exciting roles is a memorable experience, adds the company. Drunken Ferry further informs that a party in complete darkness except flashlights is assured to bring huge crowds. Colleges are going berserk on flashlight parties, says the company.

Selecting music tracks is one of the most challenging tasks and Drunken Ferry simplifies this by providing music playlists that are suitable for specific themes. Other than the obvious techno/trance playlist, a playlist for a cocktail party and a unique starting off a party playlist is also provided. The cocktail party playlist consists of tracks from jazz, blues, new wave while the starting off party playlist consists genres such as indie pop, electronic rock, alternate rock and others.

DrunkenFerry.com is becoming a popular place for people running out of ideas for parties or those who want to throw a memorable one. The unique writing style and highly creative concepts is assured to attract new viewers and bring back those who are already hooked.

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