Dry Erase Notebook from Letterforms Makes Studying Fun and Easy

Letterforms is a California based company that is aimed at providing multifunctional, re-usable and eco-friendly medium that helps people take quick notes, erase and work on the same sheet again and again without any sign of previous notes. The revolutionary Dry Erase Notebook created by Letterforms is inspired by paper.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2014 -- These days the society is much more aware of the environment issues that affect the entire planet than a few decades ago. Thus, saving trees is a crucial factor for our existence and well-being. Fortunately, more and more companies and businesses begin to deliver eco-friendly products on the market that can be very useful and even fun.

One such amazing product is Letterforms Dry Erase Notebook. It is for all those, who take notes, doodle and scribble in the old fashioned way. With Dry Erase Note, users will save a lot of trees, as there would not be any paper waste during the learning process, sessions, sketching, note taking, doodling, etc. The product is in the form of a dry erase spiral bound notebook that is not only environment friendly, but can make the process of teaching and studying really fun and pleasurable.

This product is also called a Reusable Notebook, as it allows students to erase their copy quick and easy, so they can use the same sheet again and again, while the old notes do no ghosts through underneath. This product is ideal for young students as well, as the studying process seems like a game with Dry Erase Note and they will be motivated to write more than ever. Dry Erase Notebook allows more chaotic minds to take quick notes, write their ideas and later put them in order they like.

Homework becomes a game even for the most frustrated or bored students, no matter how challenging it is. Dry Erase Notebook from Letterforms helps them feel comfortable and easier visualize numbers and letters. Children can practice their math problems on the dry erase note again and again, until they find the right answer. This way the students’ achievement will increase, as they will be more motivated to study and practice than before.

Dry Erase Notebook allows people to conveniently:

- Use it as an extremely helpful study tool
- Solve complex problems
- Carry it everywhere
- Practice writing
- Use it as a gameboard for games like hangman, tic-tac-toe, etc.
- Save mass of paper
- Share their ideas and thoughts with others
- Explore all the subjects they are interested in, such as mathematics, chemistry, biology, etc.
- Erase everything that is unnecessary and write again and again on the same sheet.

The versatility of Letterforms Dry Erase Notebook makes this product appropriate for people of different ages and professions. Besides children and students that use this medium for study and fun, parents, businessmen and creative people like sketch artists also may enjoy this useful tool.

All interested people can visit https:/www.kickstarter.com/projects/letterforms/letterforms-dry-erase-notebook

About Letterforms
Letterforms (http://www.letterforms.org) specializes in creation of an expressive, re-usable and eco-friendly medium that is useful for people of all ages. The company is based in California, the Silicon Valley and its mission is to save as much of printing, finishing and sourcing in the USA as possible. Their goal is to nurture creativity and help people express their ideas.

Venkat Yuvaraj