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Dry-X Basement Waterproofing Service for Reliable Wet Basement Repair

"Wet Basement repair services from the organization help solve the issues such as leaks, drips, and water seepage."


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- Dry-X Basement Waterproofing Service provides affordable yet reliable wet basement repairing for leaky area and waterproofing to clients in Connecticut and New York. Dry-X Basement Waterproofing Service is a one-stop solution provider for various waterproofing requirements from clients in Connecticut and New York. The organization with the help of trained and experienced professionals ensures that basement repairing and waterproofing is done in the most sophisticated manner. Efforts are made to rule out water-leakage that causes a number of diseases to humans and pets in a premises.

Dry-X Basement Waterproofing Services ensure that several health problems such as allergic reactions, asthma, irritations of the eye, nose and throat, sinus congestion, etc. which are caused by molds are ruled out by effective mold remediation. The wet basement repair services from the organization help solve the issues such as leaks, drips, and water seepage. Such a measure is essential for controlling mold growth and detests severe health problems that are caused by mold and other micro-organisms.

Apart from New York (NY), the company also covers Connecticut wherein clients can expect highly cost-effective basement waterproofing NY & CT. A consistent water-leakage can cause damage to the walls and floors in basement and that must be avoided at any cost. Basement waterproofing has emerged as a major solution that channels water from outside and prevents leakage. Like basement, crawl spaces are prone to water-leakage and mold-infestation. At Dry-X Basement Waterproofing clients can expect the best solution for leaky crawl spaces in homes and businesses in the cities of NY and CT.

The modus-operandi of basement waterproofing by Dry-X is simple i.e. a thorough inspection is done and the best possible solution is recommended. The company first understands whether the premises need interior waterproofing or exterior waterproofing and offers the solution accordingly. It is evident from the professional approach by the company that their effort is to provide complete solution for water-leakage in basements and crawl spaces. Precautions are carried out during the installation process of waterproofing solutions to rule out any damages to the part of the premises.

At http://www.dxbasementwaterproofing.com clients receive the best in the world basement waterproofing solutions for the company is known for its extensive experience, rapid response time and thorough attention to detail mainly in Crawl space encapsulation repair. As it is a family owned and family operated firm, clients can expect professional services before, during, and long after the waterproofing. Providing fair and honest estimated expenses for basement waterproofing, the company ensures that clients get immediate results. It also increases the value of the premises by ensuring that it is leak-proof and safe for use.

About Dry-X Waterproofing
Established in 2003, Dry-X Waterproofing is a top Connecticut and New York waterproofing company. It is a fully-insured (up to $2 million) and licensed and bonded company that provides services such as excavation, foundation repair and basement waterproofing. To learn more visit httlp://www.dxbasementwaterproofing.com or call at 914 827-5804 to order for waterproofing services.