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DSJ Global Offers Recruitment Services for Supply Chain Procurement Sector


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/17/2022 -- Procurement is an important part of the supply chain industry, it includes sourcing raw materials and services to managing contracts and relationships with suppliers. According to the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPs), companies can spend more than 70% of their revenue on procurement. Personnel in this sector need to have the knowledge of the underlying service technology to coordinate and implement corrective measures during any major incident. DSJ Global, a leading logistics and supply chain recruitment agency, offers recruitment services for the supply chain procurement sector.

Having built strong, long-term client relationships across a variety of sectors, they've been able to seize the top procurement and purchasing talent for organisations. With in-depth knowledge of the market, their team covers the breadth of the country and incorporates financial services, construction and facilities management, public sector, automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing, and a multitude of niche and specialist sectors. They are able to offer flexible solutions matching specific client requirements with the very best candidates.

The company's scale, scope and specialist capability allow them to develop flexible recruitment solutions to best meet changing market conditions where the competition for talent remains strong. They develop and deliver world-class sourcing teams for clients, and provide access to the right opportunities to enhance the careers of job seekers. DSJ Global have established a reputation for providing a high-quality service by listening closely to our customers' needs and requirements. Businesses looking to recruit top procurement personnel go to DSJ Global's website for more information.

"From sourcing raw materials and services to managing contracts and relationships with suppliers, procurement and supply management is a complex, strategic, challenging, and ultimately rewarding sector to work in. Professionals in this space enable an organisation to operate in a profitable and ethical manner," commented Kieran Behan, Managing Director at Phaidon International, the parent company of DSJ Global. He said, "We can help you recruit the perfect candidates for the procurement sector."

DSJ Global has been at the forefront of recruitment in the supply chain sector for years. Partnering with leading corporates and emerging start-ups, they have managed to create a large network, providing candidates and businesses alike with the desired results. With their highly capable team of experienced consultants, they have been able to provide suitable talent to the complex recruitment and hiring needs of many businesses.

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DSJ Global USA partners with organizations across the logistics and supply chain sector. The firm's 1000 employees support growth and development among enterprises where innovation and insight will be crucial to both current and future generations. As part of the Phaidon International group, they work alongside 70+ world-leading companies as their preferred recruitment partner to secure talent.

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