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DualDraw, an Air Filtration Equipment Manufacturer Now Offers Downdraft Systems at an Affordable Price


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2015 -- With an intention to make it easier for people to breathe, DualDraw, an air filtration equipment manufacturer, is now offering Downdraft Systems at an affordable price. The company offers various kinds of products such as walk-in clean air stations, wet dust collectors, downdraft tables and booths, custom products, self-cleaning cartridge collectors, DualDraw homeland security and stand-alone portable filter systems. They are widely used domestically as well as internationally. The efficient function and design of these products makes the company stand out in the market.

The Downdraft booth has been designed with a signature vented back stop which is a solution for air filtration. It has been manufactured to protect operators assist plant equipment from getting cross contaminated and airborne particulate with maximum containment. The machine incorporated with the company's patented design is used for most of the tools. The performance and quality of the downdraft is quite unique in the market with guaranteed satisfaction. Its filtration system is attached to the back portion of the equipment from the inside. It also has clean out trays making it easy for users to remove the access doors for maintaining the filter.

Talking more about the downdraft booth, one of the representatives of DualDraw stated, "Patented DualDraw design: even distribution of airflow across a perforated surface and vented back stop. Modular fastening system provides design flexibility to meet customer requirements in a cost-effective manner. This is a self-contained solution; no outdoor exhausting necessary. Dust filter housings are modular and attach to the back of the unit. Dust filter housing dimensions are 24" D x 24"W x 80" H. There is also a cleanout tray for easy maintenance."

About DualDraw
DualDraw was founded to help people breathe easier. They continue to accomplish this objective through the manufacture and service of high-quality air filtration products for both industrial and homeland security use. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States, their downdraft tables, downdraft booths, and other specialized air filtration equipment are used across the globe to protect operators, eliminate cross contamination, and serve other various safety and air quality needs. Their industrial products utilize the DualDraw patented symmetrical airflow design that provides customers with enhanced safety and hazard elimination.

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