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DualDraw Announces Availability of Quality Downdraft Booths at Most Competitive Prices


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Comprised of incomparable designs, DualDraw announces the availability of quality downdraft booths at the most competitive prices. These tables and booths are configured on the basis of an application that includes panel filtration for fumes, bag filtration for dust, HEPA filtration, water filtration, and self-cleaning cartridge filtration. In addition to this, the equipment gets optimized to safeguard operator breathing zones and cross-contamination of nearby plant processes and equipment.

Their huge, self-contained filtration rooms are designed to help address the trickiest applications. They now offer a new process for dust and fumes by pulling the dirty air via a perforated back powerwall. The units are modular and vary in size by 4’ sections, the most popular of which is the 8' x 8' walk-in size. The company also specializes in providing gainful designs and producing reliable solutions for custom air quality.

The dedicated team of professionals works with customers to discover the best solution for any application that comes their way. Apart from this, a spokesperson from DualDraw mentions, “We continue today to accomplish the founding objective of helping people breathe easier. Not only through the improvement of employee health, but also through helping owners and organizations navigate the challenge of indoor air quality regulations such as those enforced by OSHA and NFPA. Our patented downdraft tables, downdraft booths, walk-in clean air stations, stand alone filter systems, and other indoor air filtration solutions help numerous organizations both domestically and internationally. We hope we have the opportunity to help you as well.”

About DualDraw
DualDraw was founded to help people breathe easier. They continue to accomplish this objective through the manufacture and service of high-quality air filtration products for both industrial and homeland security use. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States, their downdraft tables, downdraft booths, and other specialized air filtration equipment are used across the globe to protect operators, eliminate cross contamination, and serve other various safety and air quality needs. Their industrial products utilize the DualDraw patented symmetrical airflow design that provides customers with enhanced safety and hazard elimination.

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