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DualDraw Enabling Customers to Buy Most Worthwhile Industrial Dust Collection Systems


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2014 -- DualDraw now enables customers to buy the most worthwhile industrial dust collection systems at the best price. Indeed, dust collection applications can be used for any process that may create a nuisance or threat of dust. There are many applications that are involved in dust collection and include manufacturing processes such as deburring, sanding, chopping, cutting, polishing, agitating, stirring, and mixing.

Especially for those who need to protect operator breathing zones, or address dust cross contamination concerns, they can simply use their downdraft tables, downdraft booths, or other air filtration equipment to resolve dust problems. They configure all the units to the application, to make sure that the design of the system is the best among all others in solving problems promptly. Some of their renowned products that can address dust problems are Downdraft Tables with Vented Back, Downdraft Booths, Downdraft Flat Top Tables, Portable Downdraft Table, Downdraft Table with Fume Arm, and a lot more.

While discussing the product range, a spokesperson from DualDraw mentions, “The DualDraw Downdraft Table, with its signature vented back stop, is an air filtration solution designed to balance containment with versatility. This downdraft table incorporates the patented DualDraw airflow design of the perforated surface and vented back stop with a flexible panel filter system configured to the application. The DualDraw approach to downdraft quality and performance is unique in the marketplace – we guarantee your satisfaction.”
The company aims to provide solutions that never fail and continues to support their customers with their dust issues.

About DualDraw
DualDraw was founded to help people breathe easier. They continue to accomplish this objective through the manufacture and service of high-quality air filtration products for both industrial and homeland security use. Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States, their downdraft tables, downdraft booths, and other specialized air filtration equipment are used across the globe to protect operators, eliminate cross contamination, and serve other various safety and air quality needs. Their industrial products utilize the DualDraw patented symmetrical airflow design that provides customers with enhanced safety and hazard elimination.

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