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DualDraw Offers Solutions for Industrial Dust Collection


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2013 -- Focusing on a cleaner and healthier environment for the dust-prone industries, DualDraw now offers the most subtle solutions for industrial dust collection processes. The company offers a wide range of Downdraft booths and tables to accumulate the solid, liquid and gaseous dust particles from an industrial environment and purify its overall air quality.

While mentioning the features and capabilities of their products, a spokesperson for DualDraw opens up and says, “The DualDraw signature self-contained downdraft tables and booths are designed with a patented perforated work surface and vented back stop to capture dust or fumes.”

He adds, “The filtration systems on each downdraft table and booth are configured based on the application and include but are not limited to panel filtration for fumes, bag filtration for dust, HEPA filtration, water filtration, and self-cleaning cartridge filtration. Equipment is optimized to protect operator breathing zones and cross contamination of adjacent plant processes and equipment.

DualDraw also lists the complete detailed list of its selection of Downdraft booths and tables. The list include the information on Downdraft Tables with Vented Back, Booths, Flat Top Tables, Tables for Aluminum Dust Collection, Portable Tables, Desktop and Lab Tables, Tables with Fume Arms, Tables and Booths with Self Cleaning Filters, and Wet Tables.

Furthermore, the company guarantees its customers to offer equipment that are thoroughly tested and inspected before delivery. They also make sure to offer the equipment in the lowermost prices. The other additional services customers can request from DualDraw are custom designs, on-site assessments, and maintenance and repair services. “It is indeed a complete package to ensure your workplace in the absence of hazardous substances”, concludes the spokesperson.

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DualDraw, LLC are the manufacturers of air filtration equipment since 1995, their patented, high-quality downdraft tables, downdraft booths, and other air filtration equipment provide thousands of domestic and international customers with safety relief. These products are used by thousands of customers each day across the globe to serve their safety and air quality needs.

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