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DualDraw Offers the Most Affordable Quotes on Its Portable Downdraft Table


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2014 -- Highly-efficient, portable and affordable is how DualDraw defines its Portable Downdraft Table. A highly reputable and reliable industrial dust collection systems manufacturer, DualDraw puts its years of expertise into architecting these self-contained downdraft tables using its very own DualDraw® Airflow Technology.

Their spokesperson states, “The DualDraw Portable Downdraft Table is a compact air filtration solution designed to maximize safety and collection efficiency while minimizing shop floor space. The unit’s thoughtful design provides portability while maintaining the operator’s protection from harmful particulate and fumes.”

These downdraft tables efficiently act against dust and fumes/smoke, and are equipped with proper filtration systems, and optional High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter to maximize filter efficiency. The products also feature: Spark Arrestor to reduce fire hazard, Dust Pans to cleanout tray, and a spacious work surface area.

The spokesperson also claims that the portable downdraft tables are highly effective in working with smaller parts. There are a few available standard models that DualDraw offers with each meeting highly-trusted OSHA standards. Customers can also ask DualDraw to customize and configure these products according to their choices.

DualDraw includes a standard 10 -year warranty on all standard equipment. The company focuses on providing impeccable customer services and back their products 100%.

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DualDraw, LLC are the manufacturers of air filtration equipment since 1995, their patented, high-quality downdraft tables, downdraft booths, and other air filtration equipment provide thousands of domestic and international customers with safety relief. These products are used by thousands of customers each day across the globe to serve their safety and air quality needs.

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