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DualDraw Offers the Most Effective Systems for Industrial Dust Collection


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/23/2013 -- Manufacturing workplaces are found to be more likely to have poor air quality. Employees working in such plants thus often face many health problems. Installing an effective industrial dust collection systems would help in eliminating these related health problems..

DualDraw, a reliable industrial air filtration equipment manufacturers, was created to meet such important requirements. The company offers a complete product line of industrial dust collectors to enhance employees' safety in manufacturing industries and eliminate hazardous particles in the air.

“These products help our industrial customers meet tough OSHA and NFPA standards,” quotes a spokesperson for DualDraw when speaking about their industrial products line, “They help protect operators and eliminate the diverse types of hazards from the work place including dust, combustible dust, smoke, fumes, chemicals, allergens and molds.”

The industrial dust collection systems offered by DualDraw can be used in various applications. Customers can choose their preferred system among a wide and popular range of DualDraw products, which include, downdraft welding tables, flat top tables, lab tables, downdraft table booths, etc.

Other than manufacturing environments, these products can also be used in other application processes for laboratories, private residences, class rooms, and office spaces. “Most solutions are self-contained, do not require outdoor venting, and exhaust clean filtered air,” confirms the spokesperson.

The products are ideal for industrial facilities interested in protecting operating zones from dust and other hazardous particles. DualDraw also makes sure to offer dust collection systems that are best suited and compatible to the existing industrial space. A list of their products are available on their website.

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DualDraw, LLC has been manufacturing air filtration equipment since 1995, their patented, high-quality downdraft tables, downdraft booths, and other air filtration equipment provide thousands of domestic and international customers with safety relief. These products are used by thousands of customers each day across the globe to serve their safety and air quality needs.

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