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Dub Turbo Now Allows Anyone to Quickly Create Catchy Dub Step Tunes

New software contains everything users need to sound like a pro DJ creating original beats that fill the dance floor, exclusively available with additional kit from


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- Many individuals have the creative imagination to be able to create music in their own heads, but transferring that tune or ditty into a material piece of music is a different thing entirely. Lacking in music theory, understanding sheet music and principles of composition can all prevent people from creating music, but software developers are looking at ways to overcome that in order to instantly unlock creativity. Dub Turbo looks at the latest megatrend in music, the electronic wave knows as Dub Step, as a means by which to let ordinary people loose creating beats that will hook people in the clubs.

The software comes with thousands of previously developed beats, drums and sounds that can be compiled in up to sixteen layers at once, with keyboard shortcuts for integrating new sounds easily and smoothly.

Once composed, the beats can be added to other music editing software without hassle or can be published in studio quality sound files, allowing those who aspire to be professional DJ’s to create demos that will hold up industry standards. The software even allows for live recording and sampling to be instantly integrated into the mix, thus offering up endless possibilities.

A spokesperson for dubturbo explained, “With our exclusive offer, we are offering the software cheaper than it can be bought anywhere else with the additional bonus of kit developed by WobbleBoss to enhance the possibilities even further. With this purchase, users will also be getting a guaranteed free upgrade from version 2 to version 2.5 when it’s released later in the year, so it’s a future proof investment too. There’s a whole lot of good reasons to buy the product now as this special offer will only be available for a limited time.”

About Dub Turbo
Create beats and sounds like a professional DJ with Dub Turbo. This software includes everything anyone might need to sound like a pro on the DJ mixing table. It comes complete with several dozens of wubwubs and wobbles to electrify venues, and with the extra kits it contains from WobbleBoss, users can make brosteps, dubsteps, tech-houses, electrosteps, and trances very easily! Dub Turbo is the only beat making software users will ever need. For more information, please visit: