Dubai 100-Day Plan for Happiness Highlights Requirement for Everyday Mental Well-Being

As Dubai embraces an official 100-day plan for happiness, the small nation leads the way on a world-wide pursue of happiness.


Henfield, West Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- In the last few years, success has been measured less through an individual's wealth and profession, and more through their mental well-being, and how happy they feel in everyday life. As Dubai adopts a nation-wide plan for happiness, it becomes clear that we should spend less time stressing about our position in society, and more about self-acceptance.

Talking to The National last month, Chief Executive of Simply Laughter described the results of Dubai's latest lifestyle innovation: "I like individuals to start their day like I do," Ms Walmsley stated. "I begin with a laughter shower. It's all about self-acceptance and self-love and these are things that are so essential to bringing happiness. Laughing changes your idea of yourself because if you look at life in a favorable way, everything around you begins to be more positive." She continued to state that the need for her corporate laughter and happiness workshops and seminars had actually increased since Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, announced the national objective to "achieve people's happiness" in his Dubai 2021 report in 2014. But will Dubai's great objectives spread throughout the entire world in the next couple of years?

Speaking in a recent interview, Peter Halm, main spokesman for Saltori Thinking stated: "People residing in the UK are struggling, and that's a reality. Every day, a brand-new headline appears specifying that more and more individuals are suffering from anxiety and other major mental illnesses, simply because their mental wellness wasn't seen as a fundamental part of their life. Individuals need to stop and realize that life isn't really all about doing well at work and putting in the extra hours... It's about putting in the time to kick back and have some me-time."

He remained to state that while this is a hard-hitting problem, individuals are uncertain where to begin, further including: "Whenever people ask me ways to keep a positive outlook, I always reply with the exact same thing: simply relax. When you take some time out for yourself, you can recuperate and understand that the world does not stop running simply because you've taken an hour away from your computer desk."

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