DubTurbo Review - the Truth About DubTurbo

The DUBturbo software suite is now available and lets anyone make and produce their own music, even if they have had no experience.


Bucharest, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- The new DUBturbo software suite features a range of products that can be used to create music in any genre. Also suitable for anyone to make music, regardless of experience or if they have none at all, the software incorporates several different tools. A 16 track sequencer features production tools with a simple panel layout, plus access to contests and submission pages on the company’s website. There are thousands of sounds and drums and the ability to either record live to a metronome or draw or tap in beats.

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Another feature is the 10 pad drum machine that makes it easy to navigate thousands of sounds in the system. Included are more than 40 kits, with 10 drum pads per kit. A volume editor, beat recorder, and stereo imaging for a full sounding beat are all integrated into this software.

There is also a 4 octave keyboard component to the suite, with 2 octaves controllable via a computer keyboard. Sound effects include saxophones, hip-hop beats, bass, bells, and other sound samples. In addition, melodies can be drawn in or recorded directly from a keyboard.

Another product in the suite is the Main VSTI, a tool for producing samples for house music, hip-hop, reggae, R&B, and electronic music. It is available for PC and Mac computers. Also available for PC, Samploid lets users upload .wav files. An eight octave keyboard with 128 samples, a pitch shifter, and an FX rack are included here.

Product offerings part of the DUBturbo suite also include WubWubs & Wub2 with audio filters, an FX rack, four oscillators, low frequency tones, and preset and custom sounds able mimic just about any instrument. For an effects and mastering system, the VST Norbox enables PC users to customize sounds with a 30 band EQ, FX rack, and filters. With the Pre-Amp for Power, users can add grunge to tracks with various distortion tools.

A complete video tutorial set is also included with DUBturbo, with lessons on basic and advanced topics. The urban music production software can be instantly downloaded upon purchase, for a low cost of $39.95. Windows and Macintosh systems are supported. Buyers also get two licenses so they can run it on two machines or give a copy to someone else.

For more information, go to and access software for making professional quality rap, hip-hop, house, and techno beats and music.

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