Crispy Duck

Duck in a Tin Lowers Risk Rate of Heart Diseases

A new lip smacking, juicylicious ‘fast food’ is sweeping the nation. And it’s called, Crispy Duck. Including Duck Fat.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- Crispy Duck Company based at the heart of South West France that deals with duck legs and duck fat in tins are fast becoming a demand with its easy to prepare recipes and delicious flavor.

Where hundreds of people are dying every year due to coronary heart diseases caused mainly by unhealthy diet, Crispy Duck Company has produced a food item in as simple as a tin that has cooked duck meat with its fat on top acting as a preservative that claims to have shelf-life of atleast 3 years. The duck fat has been proven to be more nutritious than olive oil which lowers the risk of heart attacks. Survey reveals that in the Gascony region in France where goose and duck form a staple of the diet, they have the lowest incidence of heart disease ever recorded.

The reviews are of happy and delighted people who have bought Crispy Duck, prepared it and loved the taste of it; some even claiming it better than hot dogs, burgers and ‘fish n chips’. One costumer even claimed that friends to whom she served the Crispy Duck compared her to Gordon Ramsey, the international cook.

The package also comes with different duck recipes that are easy and simple to prepare and it works as a quick fix main course dish. Crispy Duck claims to be able to feed up to a family of six in one single purchase. The multi-feature in this food package is the duck fat which can be used for cooking different foods like potatoes and sautéed vegetables to give a delicious flavor. Crispy Duck is a savior for unexpected guests at home and makes excellent ingredient for untimely dinnertime as reviewed with satisfaction by most costumers.

Crispy Duck Company operates mostly in and around UK and also caters to orders outside UK with special shipping quote.

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