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DUDAD Introduces Truck Driver Wireless Audible Notification Device

The DUDAD device promises to revolutionize the way truckers handle loading and unloading. This handy device allows truckers to rest more comfortably during the loading or unloading process, helping them get more sleep before long drives.


Moorseville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- The DUDAD is a device that audibly rather than visually notifies truck drivers that they are finished being loaded or unloaded. This device enables drivers to sleep longer, saving them valuable time.

Invented by real truck driver Chris Barbeau – who knew there had to be a better way so drivers could stay alert and awake on the road, while getting the rest they need. When he couldn’t find one, he invented DUDAD!

Now, DUDAD is seeking crowdsourced funding to make the device available to truckers everywhere.

As seen at , truck drivers have often had to wait for a red light on a loading dock door to turn green, which means staying awake during the loading or unloading process.The DUDAD Driver's Wireless Audible Green Light Notification Device allows drivers to rest during this "down time" by attaching to an extension pole and leaning against the signal light while the load is being moved. When the light turns green, an audible signal will be sent to the receiver up to .5 miles away.

The DUDAD allows drivers to sleep, eat or perform other tasks rather than waiting in the cab for the signal light. The receiver acts as a pager that will alert the driver instantly when the truck is ready to be moved.

By allowing truckers to get more rest or to eat and relax while loads are being moved, the DUDAD actually increases the safety level of all on the road. Driver fatigue can become a thing of the past as truckers are able to rest comfortably during non-driving hours.

The prototype DUDAD is now ready for marketing, and the company has launched a crowdsourcing giveaway on at

Contributors will be entered for a chance to win one of ten free prototypes, and all who enter will receive information on how to receive a DUDAD at below wholesale cost. Also, by contributing on Kickstarter contributors can receive a DUDAD at 33% below retail and 16% below wholesale, as they will retail for about 179.99 when produced.

For additional information, visit ; or the DUDAD website,

Founder & Truck Driver Chris Barbeau can be reached directly at

The DUDAD could revolutionize the way that truck drivers handle loading and unloading time periods, and could also help improve large truck safety on the highway. In order to bring this incredible device to the attention of the trucking industry, however, it is important that all who can enter and contribute to the crowdsourcing movement at Kickstarter above.

The DUDAD has the potential to change the way truckers and other drivers do their jobs and to make trucking safer and healthier for all drivers.

Contact Name: Chris Barbeau
Company Name: Improv Innovations LLC
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City: Moorseville
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Zip Code: 28115
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