Dudl.digital Takes on the Controversies of Graffiti Art as Perceived by the People in Some Countries


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2016 -- In London, graffiti has become legal in some parts of the city and even encouraged by the government. With the birth of the digital graffiti, the need to use spray paint is no longer necessary. Digital graffiti wall London allows party, events and other occasions to design and highlight their event with digitalized graffiti. Nowadays, people can still enjoy the art of graffiti with less negative effects to the surroundings.

Art has become the medium of expression of many people and it has been used to convey what they feel and think. Art started in the Stone Age. The caves have become their canvas and from there, they gave birth to graffiti. But, why do people do it? It is in our system to leave a mark; people who live during the Stone Age have proven so.

However, the practice of graffiti is illegal in some places and there are still some artists who risk their lives to paint political messages in the public walls. Graffiti is a controversial topic and remains illegal to do in some countries. Though, most of it can be seen around us, the perception of people about graffiti have made it a hated topic in some places. The art of graffiti have been loved and done by artist all over the world, unfortunately, their passion was misunderstood by the majority of the community. In addition, artist Diane Villanueva explains how graffiti unites all the people in one area with different occupations.

The murals that graffiti artists created allow opportunities of collaboration among the members of the community. In addition to this, graffiti creates awareness about vandalism and how to turn something negative into a positive one. There may still be some places where graffiti is still not accepted; however, digital graffiti have slowly opened the minds of people about the beauty of this art. Digital graffiti wall London can be done artistically created by making a bare wall clean even after a party.

People seeing graffiti in walls tend to think negatively about the artist when in fact, the graffiti artists intend to only demonstrate their feelings through their work. It is something that can be valuable to the growth of the individual and the society as a whole. In addition to this, the beauty of the graffiti can be utilized to increase the economy.

People who are visiting the East of London are hunting graffiti, which in return have become part of the tourism in the area. This has only proven that people are slowly accepting the positive benefits of graffiti to the society.

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