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Duel Love: Natalia Mead Takes Suspense, Deception & Lust Under the Covers in Compelling New Series of Erotic Novels.

With two volumes already published, Natalia Mead is staking her place as a dominant force in the booming genre of erotic fiction. With a narrative that’s unconventional yet hugely appetizing, her work is causing hearts to beat a little faster from coast to coast.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Literary experts around the world have referred to last year as the ‘Year of Erotica’, for the genre’s unexpected and undeniable explosion in popularity. With millions of new fans taking an interest in adult fiction and almost every one of them craving diverse new narratives, Natalia Mead’s entrance onto the erotica scene has been welcomed with gusto.

Mead’s ‘Duel Love’ currently consists of two volumes that will bring sweat to the palms of even the most seasoned erotica experts. Boasting a plausible plot that’s laden with gripping suspense, Mead is gaining a steadfast reputation for her vivid narratives that scream with realism.

Synopses of first two books:

‘Duel Love - A Brother's Seduction’ - Wealthy, identical twin brothers, Jeffrey and Jesse, lust after the same woman, Cassie. While she truly loves her new husband, Jeffrey, she secretly lusts after her very passionate brother-in-law, Jesse.

Jesse lures Cassie into a sexual trap in an attempt to ruin her for his brother. A sexual duel will decide who will be with Cassie...forever.

‘Duel Love - The DNA Challenge’ - Newlyweds, Jeffrey and Cassie, were just about to live happily ever after when a nasty remnant of The Duel resurfaces.

The recent sexual duel, between twin brother's Jeffrey and Jesse, for Cassie's affection has produced a surprise pregnancy. Both Jeffrey, her husband, and Jesse, his brother and her lover have been intimate with Cassie multiple times recently. It's nearly impossible to tell who the father is without testing.

Jeffrey, Cassie and Jesse find themselves racing to obtain a paternity DNA test. The test will determine with 99.999% accuracy who the father is. That is, if the test is not tampered with in any way.

With even more at stake, Jeffrey is desperate to keep Cassie and has vowed to do absolutely anything to ensure the test proves the baby is his. He schemes to ensure the DNA test will prove he's the baby's father and hopefully keep Jesse from taking Cassie and the baby away from him.

The Duel begins anew.

The author admits that her narrative is excitedly unusual.

“It’s not actually that rare for two men to compete for the same woman, but it is when they’re identical twin brothers. To add even more spice into the mix – Cassie is already prepared to marry one brother, even though she secretly and boldly lusts over the other,” says Mead.

Continuing, “Of course, a happy ending would be nice, but where’s the fun in that? This intricate story, laced with innuendo, takes a surprising turn in the second volume when none of the threesome can be sure which twin is the father of Cassie’s baby. I admit, that situation is unlikely in real life – but this is fiction and anything goes!”

Mead was inspired to write such an unusual narrative after noticing a lot of fellow erotica authors recycling the same concepts and situations.

“While erotica is more popular than ever before, some fear the genre is going around in circles. I’ve worked diligently to give readers something new; something surprising that is even possibly pushing the genre’s boundaries. There’s a huge market for it, so why not fill the void?” she adds.

With more books currently in the writing room and with her work steadily growing a loyal fan base, Natalia Mead is set to become a future best-seller.

To help her achieve that dream, both books can be purchased now:

‘Duel Love - A Brother’s Seduction’ - http://amzn.to/1aER6Ac
‘Duel Love - The DNA Challenge’ – http://amzn.to/1e9BqFC

About Natalia Mead
Natalia Mead, an emerging writer of romance and erotica, resides in both Northern California and Venice, Italy.

Official Website: http://nataliamead.com/