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DUI Lawyer Fort Launches New Resources with Website for Drunk Driving Arrestees


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- DUI Lawyer Fort recently launched their new website designed to provide comprehensive legal information pertaining to Sunshine State DUI laws and the consequences of driving under the influence in Fort Lauderdale.

In addition, DUI Attorney Fort Lauderdale helps website visitors identify quality defense lawyers practicing in the area. Those charged with DUI crimes can use site resources to understand better various related topics such as legal rights, chemical testing, specific DUI charges, and defensive strategies.

In that Florida State has one of the highest incidence rates of DUI arrests in the nation, its laws reflect zero tolerance for driving while intoxicated offenses and prosecution of them is rigorous. Arrestees soon realize the importance of hiring the best affordable attorney they can find.

Within Florida, Ft. Lauderdale has a high DUI arrest rate due to its popularity as a spring break destination experiencing much partying and alcohol consumption. Not only is prosecution of DWI rigorous here, but also prosecution of underage drinking and possession.

Many minors are caught unawares and pay the price in terms of expensive fines and legal fees, driver's license suspension, and other penalties that may include incarceration.

Fort Lauderdale attracts many other vacationers as well as college students. When they commit a DUI infraction they are at a loss as to where to find legal assistance. This is where DUI Lawyer Fort Lauderdale and its extensive set of criminal defense resources come in.

Website visitors are able to find whatever they need to know about the various kinds of DUI charges and associated penalties. They can learn about the factors that determine the potential severity of penalties and the options for defending their charges.

There is also guidance on how to proceed when you have prior DUI convictions, excessive blood alcohol concentration (BAC), collateral infractions, or underage violations. does not in any way condone driving under the influence and acknowledges its tragic consequences in numerous deaths and serious injuries. However, it also stresses the importance of protecting legal rights and notes false accusations do occur arising from faulty chemical test equipment or lax police procedures.

When someone arrested for committing a DUI crime is actually innocent, he is advised to find the best Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney he can afford. Attorneys know how to devise the most effective defense strategies for clearing their clients' names.

Prosecutors recognize that first-time offenders arrested with only slightly elevated BAC and no collateral damage are of minimum threat to society. They are often willing to accept a plea bargain whereby charges are reduced to reckless driving.

This "wet reckless" arrangement has less negative impact on the driver's record and is a welcome option for those whose living depends on driving, such as drivers of commercial vehicles.

There is a reason that people who make an effort to understand Florida DUI laws and who seek legal representation obtain more favorable outcomes. When someone is arrested in Fort Lauderdale for driving while intoxicated his first action should be to hire an attorney.

Because Florida confiscates the driver's license immediately upon arrest, the individual must be proactive in requesting (within 10 days) an administrative hearing to have driving privileges reinstated. The attorney is able to assist in this endeavor. is an always available resource to provide assistance for those facing charges of DUI, public intoxication, and underage drinking.

About furnishes vital resources for arrestees charged with driving under the influence. Learn important facts regarding the Florida DUI code and find appropriate Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers at

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