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DUI Lawyer San Helps Prepare Drunk Drivers on How to Hire the Best DUI Attorney


Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- launched its website providing legal information to arrestees facing drunk driving charges. To address looming DUI convictions, individuals need access to straight information about claiming their legal rights and locating the best attorney to represent them in San Jose, California.

DUI Lawyer San Jose is a particularly valuable resource for visitors and area newcomers who find themselves detained by law enforcement. It helps them to gain familiarity with local DUI law firms and more smoothly to work through stressful circumstances.

Despite the serious dangers of combining driving with alcohol and the due diligence of law enforcement to take steps to preempt them, each individual is entitled to due process. To ensure this, they need to find a Bay Area attorney who will act in their best interests.

This means sifting through evidence to determine how well departmental polices and procedures were followed when police made their arrest. Alert San Jose DUI lawyers know how to challenge chemical test results and other evidence, possibly leading to charges being dismissed or reduced.

When you are arrested for DUI, your charge or charges fall into various categories according to California State code. These are: being Drunk in Public, Refusing to submit to a DUI chemical test, Underage DUI, Second or repeat DUI, and Felony DUI, which is the most serious category. Punishments vary in severity according to category.

California in general and Santa Clara County in particular prosecute DUI offenses aggressively and render stiff penalties. For instance, an Underage DUI conviction brings license suspension, a $1,000 fine, and mandatorily attending classes in driver safety. Collateral offenses, such as highly elevated blood alcohol content, causing death, or carrying a child under fourteen as a passenger, bring stiffer penalties.

When an adult is convicted of his first DUI offense , incarceration is at least 48 hours and possibly as long as six months. License suspension is from four to twelve months, and DUI probation is imposed for three to five years. In addition, the violator must pay financially for fines, court fees, legal expenses, etc.

It is easy for those who imbibe to underestimate their blood alcohol content and their arrest for driving while intoxicated often comes as a rude surprise. DUI Lawyer San Jose has all the information they need to address their charges, including:

- Necessary steps to follow after DUI arrest
- Important items to discuss with a San Jose defense attorney
- Likely penalties in Santa Clara County for a DUI conviction
- Consequences to education & employment from a DUI conviction
- Dangers of going to court hearings with inadequate legal representation

It is critical to locate a DUI attorney with the proper skills. Otherwise, defendants are apt to waive their rights inadvertently and to be steamrolled into higher fines and tougher penalties. Here is a helpful link to find the best San Jose DUI lawyer for you.

The website is always available. Arrestees can take advantage of this valuable resource to learn the intricacies of the California DUI code and to search for a lawyer that fits their needs. Those who do so are more likely to achieve the best possible outcome under the circumstances.

This website is a straight shooter, getting right to the meat of what people need. Visit it at

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