Online Marketing DNA Reveals the Pro's and Con's About Being Arrested for Drunk Driving with New Informative Website Launch


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- has launched its website that supplies important legal information to those arrested for driving under the influence. Individuals charged with DUI-related crimes now have a resource for educating themselves about the impacts of a DUI conviction and how to assert their rights.

In addition to being a center for essential facts, DUI Attorney Tampa is the website to go to for guiding one in selecting the ideal lawyer practicing in Hillsborough County. This guide is especially useful for visitors unfamiliar with local DUI law firms.

Despite the well-publicized urgings not to drink and drive, people nonetheless make mistakes. They don't realize that one or two small drinks of alcohol are sufficient to raise blood alcohol concentration above the legal limit, and their judgment becomes impaired. However, whether or not DUI charges are merited, the accused need good legal representation in court.

It is critical to find a law firm that understands due process and fights for client rights. Smart attorneys study prosecution evidence obtained from Tampa law enforcement to ensure the arrest was in compliance with Florida State law.

Count on these Tampa DUI attorneys to check whether police had probable cause to stop the vehicle or followed proper procedure. They can be relied on to ensure their client's rights weren't violated in calibrating or administering chemical tests. details the legal consequences of all kinds of DUI arrest. These range in severity from first offense to fourth or are classified as a DUI refusal or being drunk in public.

A first DUI conviction in Florida results in fines, up to 6 months jail time, and other penalties. Extended charges, such as causing property damage or serious bodily injury, carrying a minor as passenger, or having excessive blood alcohol concentration (BAC), bring even stiffer penalties.

Florida's Zero Tolerance Law punishes severely DUI infractions committed by underage drivers with lengthy driver's license suspension and potential incarceration. In addition, those under 21 caught with alcohol in their possession are in violation of Florida Statute 562.111(3), which permits punishment of jail time for a second-degree misdemeanor.

Under certain circumstances DUI arrestees may be allowed to plea for a reduction of their charges to reckless driving, commonly called "wet reckless." Florida prosecutors usually do not accept such plea bargains except for a first DUI offense with BAC only slightly above legal threshold. Typically a qualified DUI lawyer in Tampa must negotiate the plea bargain.

Tampa DUI lawyers have the experience and know-how for reducing or eliminating drunk driving charges. Defendants prevent denial or waiving of legal rights by finding the right attorney. is ever ready to help individuals charged with criminally driving under the influence, possessing alcohol as a minor, or public intoxication.

Becoming familiar with the Florida DUI code and researching good attorneys improves your chance of having the punishments meted for this criminal offense lessened.

About furnishes critical resources for locating the best Tampa DUI lawyer to defend people arrested for driving while intoxicated. Learn the ins and outs of the Florida DUI code by visiting

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