DUIAuthority.com Announces Vital Information on Drunk Driving Laws and Defense Strategies

With the number of DUIs on the rise, two U.S. legal professionals have joined forces to help those in trouble, while keeping others out of their cars and inside of the law.


Minooka, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- With the number of DUIs in the United States up almost 50% on twenty years ago, more drivers than ever before require legal assistance following a drunk driving-related arrest. To assist those in need, while helping others prevent further weighting of statistics, two U.S. legal professionals have collaborated to form a unique free information website.

DUIAuthority.com is authored by Michael C. Li and Erick C. Beall – two acclaimed professionals who specialize in helping those with drunk driving-related convictions. The free website provides a wealth of information and support to help those in need of assistance, as well as individuals who are researching DUI laws.

The website is organized into four intuitive sections. The first, ‘DUI’, contains numerous articles covering DUI Charges, What is DWI and First DUI. The second, ‘DUI Lawyer’, covers a myriad of topics pertaining to DUI defense strategies and the different lawyers defendants encounter in the process.

“The site also places a huge value on educating general drivers. Therefore, Li and Beall have compiled a section that focuses on drunk driving laws. Everything is broken down by State, providing simple reference and targeted information,” says Lani Lugar, who is responsible for marketing the website.

Tools and resources are also provided to bring everything under one roof. Containing information on DUI Schools, DUI Classes and general Drunk Driving Facts, the website is quickly gaining respect as the go-to resource for all things DUI related.

“We are getting great feedback from users who have visited the website for assistance with SR-22 insurance and FR-44 Insurance,” Lugar adds.

The site’s authors are frequently adding information. Therefore, users are urged to check back frequently to find out what is new. Updates can also be followed via Facebook, Twitter and the website’s RSS feed.

To find out more, visit: http://www.duiauthority.com

About the authors: Michael C. Li and Erick C. Beall
Michael C. Li - Attorney at Law, Co-Founder of DUIAuthority.com

Mr. Li is the co-founder and the editor-in-chief for DUIAuthority.com. Mr. Li is a practicing criminal defense attorney specializing in defending DUI charges – having personally prosecuted and defended thousands of DUI cases, from simple misdemeanors to DUI manslaughter cases. Mr. Li owns and operates The Law Offices of Michael C. Li, a boutique law firm, and his legal experience spans nearly two decades.

Prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Li was a prosecutor for the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office for almost 6 years. His breadth of knowledge in the field of DUI defense is unmatched -having worked with law enforcement agencies, expert witnesses, forensic toxicologists and chemists as well as teaching police officers in DUI investigations. His years spent as a prosecutor gives him a strategic advantage over most other DUI attorneys. If you have been charged with a DUI in Sonoma County or the greater North Bay region of Northern California, or to discover more information about The Law Offices of Michael C. Li, please refer to the website of The Law Offices of Michael C. Li.

When Mr. Li set out on this project, he originally called for it to only help local California residents. However, after realizing the amount of people that needed this kind of information, he strove to make it far bigger. Here, he offers his 20 years of insight and knowledge to this website that he’s built to inform and educate you on DUI. When he’s not exhaustively and rigorously defending his clients’ rights or contributing to DUIAuthority.com, Mr. Li enjoys traveling, white-water, and scuba diving.

Erick C. Beall - Contract Paralegal, Co-Founder of DUIAuthority.com

Mr. Beall is the co-founder and the lead contributor for DUIAuthority.com. Mr. Beall owns and operates a contract paralegal company that provides ancillary legal support to criminal attorneys in Santa Rosa, CA. His company’s services include investigation, transcription, legal research, motion writing, trial preparation, and consulting in criminal cases. He is routinely sought after by defense attorneys to assist in Sonoma County’s most high-profile cases.

Mr. Beall has first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to go through the rigors of a DUI arrest. He was similarly situated when – in July of 2010 – he was arrested, charged, and convicted of driving under the influence. That unfortunate experience compelled him to develop DUIAuthority.com with Mr. Li, with the simple idea that if they could deter, inform, or help just one person get through what he did – that his experience and misfortune wouldn’t go to waste. Mr. Beall lives in Santa Rosa, CA and when he’s not contributing to DUIAuthority.com or sitting in court, Mr. Beall enjoys golfing, wine-tasting, and traveling.