Duke and Progress Energy Deal - Strengths of the New Entity to Boost the US Power Industry New Report


Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/10/2012 -- Duke Energy completed its acquisition of Progress Energy in July 2012. The deal, valued at $32 billion, was announced in January 2011, making Duke Energy the largest electric utility in the US. The newly-formed entity now has a market capitalization of $49 billion and more than $100 billion worth of total assets (Duke Energy, 2012). The Duke and Progress Energy deal has paved the way for strong growth opportunities for Duke Energy, as well as the overall power industry in the US. Some of the strategic benefits of the deal for Duke Energy are the widening of its customer base to 7.1 million, and gaining entry into new geographical markets.

The extensive development plans of both entities, to build nuclear reactors in the near future, will help the company and the country in controlling rising carbon emissions. Apart from nuclear energy, Duke Energy also plans to build wind, solar, biogas, biomass, natural gas and clean coal-powered generation facilities, highlighting the company’s efforts to combat rising carbon emissions (Duke Energy, 2012a). Duke Energy plans to build a clean coal powered electricity generation unit equipped with a series of emission control technologies, enabling Duke to provide electricity economically and reliably while limiting carbon emissions. Furthermore, Duke Energy has agreed to invest in building and upgrading transmission lines, which will support the development of the entire power industry. The customers of the two entities will also benefit from the savings that are expected to be generated. This will result in a reduction in electricity price hikes in the future, while attracting more customers. The decision to restore or retire the newly-formed entity’s Crystal River nuclear power plant is yet to be taken. Irrespective of its future, the nuclear plant will represent a good business opportunity for the US power industry.


- The report focuses on the impact of the deal between Duke and Progress Energy on the US Power Industry
- Identifies the advantages of the deal to the US Power Industry and Duke Energy
- Specifies the development plans of Duke Energy

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