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Duke Kunkler Releases a New Book Titled, "Financial Literacy: Timeless Concepts to Turn Financial Chaos Into Clarity"


Ann Arbor, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- While the financial landscape is moving toward extremes, Americans seeking to best manage their money can take advantage of the details in a book just released, “Financial Literacy: Timeless Concepts to Turn Financial Chaos into Clarity.”

When asked about why he wrote the book, Duke explains, “I am continually asked for financial advice and many times it is from people who already have financial advisors, an accountant, and some personal finance books. I wrote this book to fill in the knowledge gaps that I kept hearing from others and then provide an A-Z template for anyone to follow.” On the importance of financial literacy, Duke continues, “No matter what your level of income, your financial literacy determines whether you are unknowingly headed toward financial struggle or financial success. Whether you just graduated high school or are entering retirement, the more financial literacy that you practice, the more you will be increasing your financial stability for your family and your future.”

Many money-related subjects are also addressed in this book: career planning, stock investing, gold investing, student loans, retirement planning, and many others.

Although Duke has published writings since high school, “Financial Literacy” is his first book and is also available in ebook formats.

Duke Kunkler has two degrees in finance and works in venture capital and international business development. His professional background includes trading, accounting, manufacturing operations, advertising research, investment analysis, and acquisition consulting. He advises on how to think about money, careers, and investing. Duke’s work or contributions have appeared in Car and Driver, Boost, Popular Mechanics, and Trader Monthly.

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