Joe Bragg Aims to Offer Expert List Building Advice to Beginner and Expert Email Marketers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Some people say email marketing reached its heyday in the early 2000s. Others say that email marketing is alive and well and that there is plenty of money to be made by selling products via emails.

The truth is: email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing available. Email marketing will exist for as long as people still use email addresses. That’s why feels that its list building advice article is more relevant today than ever before. is an online marketing advice website that aims to educate beginner, intermediate, and advanced internet marketers on some of the industry’s best tips and tricks. The article about email list building is designed to be the only guide marketers will ever need in order to succeed at email marketing.

As a Dukeo spokesperson explains, few people realize how much money they’re leaving on the table by not building a list of email addresses:

“Building an email address subscription list is incredibly important to the success of any online business. Once the visitor has arrived at the website, they’ve already shown that they are interested in whatever content is featured on the site. A simple email address entry box helps the marketer build a list of qualified contacts. By sending product offers to these qualified contacts, the marketer can reach out to people long after they have left the website.”

The concept sounds simple, but it can be difficult to properly execute. The list building article wants to help people master email marketing. In that article, basic and advanced email list building techniques are discussed.

On the beginner side of things, the article explains how to offer the right incentive to entice visitors into entering their email address. That incentive can be something like a free e-book or a mysterious ‘surprise gift’.

Meanwhile, as visitors scroll further down the page, they’ll reach the more advanced email list building techniques. Those techniques include how to reach out to contacts with that first subscriber email, for example, as well as tips about how to turn that email list into cash.”

Some Dukeo visitors may be learning about email marketing for the first time. Others may have been trying to execute email marketing techniques for years only to fail to monetize the list every time. Regardless of where visitors stand on the internet marketing hierarchy, aims to treat all visitors as equals and show them exactly how to succeed in the world of online marketing.

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