Joe Bragg Make Money Online Blog Gains the Attention of 7 Figure Marketers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2013 -- Today, thousands of people have been able to enjoy the freedom of an online job. Working from anywhere and getting paid to work in pajamas can be fun, but it can also be harder than many people expect.

One website,, has been gaining a large following for helping aspiring internet marketers improve their skills. offers a huge amount of editorial content on a range of internet marketing topics including WordPress SEO tips and tricks. The content is designed to assist readers increase a website’s presence on the internet in order to generate traffic, convert leads, and – ultimately – make more money for the website owner.

A spokesperson for Dukeo explained what makes the site different:

“We understand different webmasters have different skill levels and we make sure we cater to everyone including the advanced marketer. In fact numerous multimillion dollar marketers have been kind enough to endorse the site. Our tutorial guides are particularly popular, these guides are very comprehensive and leave no stone unturned with a lot of images to guide our readers so they can follow along. Some of the individual tutorials are over seven thousand words which is testament to the thoroughness of the approach.”

Some tips and tricks are designed to increase website conversion rates, while others will increase a website’s authority in the eyes of Google Search. But no matter what type of website users are managing, aims to offer tips that fit the needs of beginner, intermediate, and expert internet marketers.

In order to make site navigation as easy as possible, has broken its list of SEO tips and tricks down into three sections. The “Beginner” section covers the fundamental WordPress SEO tips that every aspiring web designer should implement on their site. “Medium” covers a more advanced selection of tips and tricks. And the “Expert” section covers more complicated discussions – like how to implement Google Authorship to increase site traffic.

The information on will appeal to beginners and experts alike. aims to educate beginner internet marketers with a selection of fundamental tips and tricks while informing expert internet marketers of some tips they may not have known.

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