Joe Bragg Shows Beginners the Step by Step Guide to Making Money Online with Wordpress SEO and Online Marketing


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- Today, more business is conducted online than ever before. Every day, the online marketplace grows. And all that growth is providing a phenomenal opportunity to those who wish to start an online business.

Although starting a business might seem like an intimidating process, there are resources available to those who seek to start an online business. is one such resource. For years, has provided beginner internet marketers with the skills and education they need in order to succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

At, visitors will find a wide range of articles designed to help them solve all of the problems associated with making money online. Some early beginner articles discuss how to build effective websites, for example. But most of the articles on the website are designed for those who have already built websites and are seeking to generate a healthy income out of those websites.

A spokesperson explained what types of articles website owners would find useful on

“The goal of Dukeo is to make information as accessible as possible to online marketers of all different skill levels. We’re exceptionally proud of our Wordpress SEO article. Over approximately 8500 words, we explain exactly how to use the power of Wordpress to access phenomenal SEO benefits. That article also features basic Wordpress site-building tips for beginners who have never used the platform before in their lives.”

As readers continue to scroll down through that article, they’ll discover more and more advanced SEO tips. While the top of the page discusses basic URL structure and keyword placement, the bottom of the page shows users how to cloak affiliate links and how to install SEO-boosting plugins onto their site.

The Wordpress SEO article is just one of several popular articles available on Another article discusses the best free SEO and online marketing tools available in 2013. Those tools include free SEO tools as well as a number of paid tools. Fortunately, all of the paid tools suggested by include free trials, making it easy for visitors to try before they buy.

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