Dun & Bradstreet Senior VP Anthony Scriffignano Explains AI and Big Data Use in Businesses and Government on Leadership Beyond Borders Interview

The rapid pace of change and advancement in technology leaves many of us confused as to what is happening with Big Data, AI, the Internet of Things and the big question we all ask is ‘what is next’?


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2019 -- 28 March 2019- Kimberli Lewis and Dun & Bradstreet Senior VP Anthony Scriffignano tackle a topic which has been front and center for listeners and companies; the connection between Big Data and its relation to all the technical advancements going on around us. The use and collection of big data and artificial intelligence is top priority for many Fortune 1000 companies. But what about the rest of us? Does it affect and disrupt our personal lives as it is advancing and creating new business sectors and collectives?
Listeners to this interview, which will air on 2 April at 3:00 PT, on Lewis' 'Leadership Beyond Borders' radio program on Voice America Business channel, will hear Scriffignano and Lewis discuss disruption and the future direction for AI and big data. The episode will be available to stream after the initial air date.
Anthony Scriffignano is the Senior Vice President, Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet, an internationally recognized data scientist with experience spanning over 35 years in multiple industries and was recognized as the U.S. Chief Data Officer of the Year 2018 by the CDO Club. He provides thought leadership for senior executives and high-level government officials globally. Scriffignano briefed the US National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee and contributed to reports to the President, on Big Data Analytics, Emerging Technologies Strategic Vision, and Internet and Communications Resilience, and provides expert advice on private sector data officers to a group of state Chief Data Officers and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
Lewis and Scriffignano discuss topics starting with a general history and explanation of what is considered AI and Big Data and move to questions about the disruption of businesses and our private lives with all this rapid advancement. They discuss how it is changing our consumer behaviour, the advantages and risks as they are now and what Scriffignano sees for the future.
Kimberli Lewis , aside from hosting Leadership Beyond Borders is the director of and founder of the Women's Leadership Academy 2020 . Anthony Scriffignano will be a keynote speaker at the Search and Information Industry's LOCALCOMM conference in London, 10-12 April, where he will present an engaging session on Data Science and AI.
Ms Lewis has built a loyal listenership on over the past 18 months in part due to the high-variety of informative business guests.
Leadership Beyond Borders airs every Tuesday at 3:00pm Pacific Time. The Anthony Scriffignano episode will air on 2 April on Leadership Beyond Borders on VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

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