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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 -- Dune buggies which are also referred to as sand rails or beach buggies have been around since the sixties of the last century and have evolved tremendously since. Automobile engineers and motor mechanics since long had been attempting to design and develop a vehicle that could be driven comfortably and safely on any type of terrain. The relentless quest and drive to come up with an ATV or all-terrain vehicle led to the development of dune buggy. After a long and arduous endeavor, the dune buggy or the sand rail was innovated that could be driven with relative convenience on almost all kinds of surfaces. One could steer it across a desert, seashore, graveled or asphalted road or on a muddy track.

http://www.dunebuggyforsale.org is an informative website owned and administered by Mark who has nearly two decades of experience in observing dune buggies and dealing with these from close quarters. The website portal claims to have experimented with almost every make of dune buggy, beach buggy and go-karts. What makes the dune buggy so versatile? For a start, it is outfitted with large tires and huge wheels that make it remarkably convenient to motor the vehicle in a desert or on a beach and even across sand dunes. Advanced models of beach buggies are designed with painstaking care and meticulousness so that the same can be driven across the most inhospitable of terrains.

Futuristic sand buggies feature a very powerful engine coupled with a lightweight chassis that makes it possible for the driver to maneuver the vehicle quite effortlessly even at high speeds. The resourcefulness of the sand buggy means that the automobile can be driven to the local grocery store on one hand while on the other the same can be taken to a rocky or a sandy terrain. Mark offers some handy tips on http://www.dunebuggyforsale.org to those who're are thinking of going for a sand buggy. For instance, as far as the issue of safety is concerned, the dune should be driven at moderate speeds and in a careful manner without attempting to try out dangerous or challenging stunts, especially on rocky surfaces or atop cliffs.

One should also strictly follow the safe driving rules including fastening seat belts and putting on a helmet. As to the maximum speed that a beach buggy can attain, there are several factors that have a bearing on the velocity. These amongst other things include the terrain, the manner of driving, load distribution, engine power, vehicle's weight, and the power-to-weight ratio. Most dune buggies are designed to carry two individuals as 4-seater versions are a rarity and very expensive as well. One should check the tires, gas tank, and the framework before taking a final decision. Taking the vehicle for a test drive is also highly recommended. Log in to http://www.dunebuggyforsale.org for checking out the top three models of dune buggies.

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