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Duo of Books from Evangelist Lottie Stearne Details Her Stirring Journey from Childhood to Christ

‘Treasure in the Midst of Ruins: Birth Out of Bondage’ and ‘Chosen for Such a Time as This’ are perfect halves of a whole. These books explore Stearne’s voyage from the ravages of her time leaving home at the age of 15 while being seduced by a man seven years older than she was, to her life now as an ordained national Evangelist and child of God.


Fairfield, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2014 -- It is not just anyone who could suffer sexual abuse, loss of hope and an agonizing childhood and rise from the ashes to become a world-renowned Evangelist and author but Lottie Stearne has done just that, and now, her mission is to encourage all of God’s children to accept the call on their lives and put their faith in the Lord.

In her first book, ‘Treasure in the Midst of Ruins’, Evangelist Stearne examines the true story of her years as a child, teenager and young adult – what she calls “the ruins”. Leaving a life of sin, the author came to understand that she had been put on the Earth for a purpose, and built the foundation of her life now: spreading the message of God’s love and His Word.

‘Chosen for Such a Time as This’ is Evangelist Stearne’s second book. Backed by scripture and charting a path for anyone to start saying “Yes” to the Lord, the book helps readers through the process of purifying and transforming their hearts, minds and souls.

Both books are stirring examinations of a life well led, and a roadmap for anyone struggling with finding their place in the world. Lottie Stearne has the answer, if people are willing to hear her speak.


Treasure in the Midst of Ruins: Birth Out of Bondage - Life can be very difficult growing up in a single parent family as well as being exposed to situations that are not conductive to the wellbeing of a child.

In this book the author shares her life's many challenges in order to reach out to those who are currently experiencing any type of abuse. Her desire is to also reach those young people who are on the brink of making wrong choices that would lead them into bondage. Her purpose is to let them know that the Lord Jesus Christ came and died so that they could have life and that more abundantly. Jesus wants all to be free and whole not entangled in the snares that Satan has laid out for them. She understands and knows that It is easy to become distracted especially when everyone around them are not concerned about living a clean, holy and sanctified life. Everyone have the need to be wanted, loved, respected, needed and appreciated. These needs tend to override one's willpower and they can find themselves falling into sin which will eventually lead them into bondage and captivity.

This book was written to let others know that they are precious in the eyes of the Lord and they don't have to live in bondage but can be set free by letting the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives. It doesn't matter what they have done in life and are currently doing, Jesus wants to deliver them set them free. They too can be " Birth out of Bondage."

Chosen for Such a Time as This - "Timing is everything!" To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven; a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which has been planted." (Ecclesiastics 3:1-2).

Chosen For Such a Time as This is a God given revelation leading to one's journey of knowing and understanding who they are In Him, as well as accepting their being chosen by God who created them for a specific purpose. Every Christian believer must go through the process of dying to the flesh in order to perfect their calling. This journey takes one on a death walk. There is a time which has been designated for every Christian to walk into and fulfill their God ordained purpose. As this book unfolds you will see a journey that consisted of daily mortifying the deeds of the flesh, the old man and becoming a new creature with wisdom and understanding. The death process is a continual spiritual journey. Crossing over to the promises of God for your life requires a complete yes in order for God to do and complete the assignment pre-ordained for your life. When we surrender and know that we were created for God not for man, God can and will take full rein of our hearts, minds and souls. The road was never promised to be easy but as soldiers in God's army we will have struggles and challenges to face. There is no time to give up, only move forward and understand that God has it in control. Death of the flesh is intended to be permanent, never to rise up again. Your flesh must be in full rigor mortise in order to be revived or raised from the dead.

Evangelist Stearne openly and vividly details the death process, which is essential for a strong spiritual foundation. One must understand that the calling does not mean we have arrived but it does mean the beginning of the end of the old you. This book will encourage one to continue to move forward and not throw in the towel, but use it to wipe your tears and press forward toward the mark of the high calling of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Stearne’s motto in life is simple and profound.

“If I can help one somebody along the way, then my living would not be in vain, I would have accomplished my purpose of being created by God,” she says. “My purpose in life is to share the good news of Jesus. Every testimony gained through my life's journey is geared to help someone come out of bondage and get to know who Jesus is. I want the readers to know that God is in control of our lives and He allows us to experience certain things so that we can be a light to others on our route.”

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‘Chosen for Such a Time as This’: http://amzn.to/1gtZ8IB

About Lottie Stearne
Lottie Stearne was born in Tallulah, Louisiana on Lanclade Plantation. She now resides in Fairfield, California and is a wife and mother of two boys, Carl and Caleb. Currently, Lottie attends This Is Pentecost Fellowship ministry in Sacramento, Ca under the direction and leadership of Pastor Tamara Bennett. Lottie moved her membership to Sacramento, Ca in 2010 after serving faithfully for 19 years under the leadership of the late Bishop Henry L Johnson of Fresno, Ca. She obtained her National License on August 11, 2005 certifying her as a National Evangelist. She traveled to Kenya in the summer of 2007 to minister. On July 11, 2008, Lottie was ordained as an Evangelist with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World. Lottie holds two clear credentials in education and has recently completed course work to obtain a doctorate in Curriculum Instruction. She currently works as a 4th grade teacher in Vallejo, Ca.