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Durapak Supplies Offers Paper Shopping Bags and Packaging Sealers


South El Monte, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2018 -- Durapak Supplies' commitment is in providing their clients with a complete range of packing materials and equipment at the lowest rates in the market. Since its foundation in the year 2000, the company has reached one of the most extensive market bases working around the clock to address each unique packaging demand in the most efficient way. Durapak Supplies' strength is in their ever-growing capacity and expertise acquired through their constant connection with their customers.

Speaking about their in-house policies, the Managing Director said, "To differentiate ourselves from other manufacturers and suppliers, we have developed a framework to assist us in achieving our core objective which is a quality product at an affordable price. In challenging ourselves to achieve this, we have come up with an optimum workplace efficiency program that enables us to minimize wastes and cut production costs while keeping our advertisements at a minimal. As such, each item you purchase from us is heavily discounted with its specifications being in line with internationally accepted standards."

The easiest way to seal plastic bags, tubing and films are by using hand-operated hand sealers which come in extremely handy for small-scale packaging. Durapak Supplies has in their inventory all the major types of hand sealers that are UL approved and tailored for all sealing requirements. Clients looking to purchase hand held impulse sealer will find in the online store highly durable and reliable models that are easy to use providing water and airtight packaging. Most of the hand sealers held by Durapak Supplies offer cutting and sealing in one step eliminating the need for any extra cutters.

Talking about their heat sealers, the Sales Manager said, "When you have big sealing jobs there is the necessity to get constant heat sealer that can be used to seal larger objects in the simplest and most convenient ways. We have a variety of sealers for you to choose from including the portable I-bar sealer, constant heat roller sealers, continuous seal band sealer, and vacuum sealers. All these sealers have adjustable heating temperatures which can be preset for a particular packaging and adjusted for the next which might require higher or lower temperatures."

The world is gradually moving away from plastic packaging materials with businesses having no better replacement for their packages than with paper shopping bags. Durapak Supplies is offering Euro shopping bags for sale to give all retail store owners a perfect replacement for the environmentally hazardous plastic bags. The Euro tote bags are made of top quality matte paper with reinforced cardboard at the bottom to make them sustain more weight. Durapak Supplies has completed the design of the paper bags with a soft cord rope to make it easy to carry around.

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Durapak Supplies is assisting businesses to stay competitive in the modern market by providing them with a world-class inventory of packaging and shipping supplies that are produced under quality approved processes to meet each industry's specifications.

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