Durapak Supplies

Durapak Supplies Provides One-Stop Warehouse Materials Such as Mesh Grocery Bags, Clear Plastic Boxes and Clear Gift Boxes

Durapak Supplies provides several household and industrial products that are useful in packaging every kind of gifts and products. They offer items like mesh grocery bags, clear plastic boxes and clear gift boxes that can serve several packaging purposes.


South El Monte, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2020 -- Durapak Supplies was founded in the year 2000 to cater to the one-stop shopping needs of various packing and shipping materials which can be useful for individuals, warehouses, businesses, and many more individuals. Their wide varieties of products include shrink packaging, gift packaging, retail packing, wrapping and shipping, for both household and industrial use. Durapak Supplies also provides sales of several industrial packaging materials like shrink film wrap, PVC and PET boxes, custom poly bags, cable ties and twist ties, sealer and equipment, ribbons and organza fabric bags, gloves, and many more items.

Answering a query, Durapak Supplies' spokesperson commented, "We are the direct source of our products and we keep all of them in stock. This is the reason why we usually quickly ship-out 99% of our items within 24 hours. Our items are not drop shipped from any third party's warehouse. Instead they are shipped directly from our own warehouse in California which is close to Los Angeles".

At Durapak Supplies, people can also find mesh grocery bag for purchase on their website. These bags are reusable and are produced from RoHS-compliant Phthalate free safe PVC. More so, these mesh grocery bags have a PVC thickness of 0.7mm (27 mil) which renders them to be very strong. Mesh grocery bags have a rectangular bottom which is measured in 17" width. They also have a top width of 25" and a 33" long handle to support shouldering of the bag. In this regard, mesh grocery bags are also available in custom sizes and printing.

The spokesperson further added, "We have a very large collection of clear plastic boxes in different sizes, thickness and patterns, tuck top and bottom, auto lock bottom, handle top, cylinder boxes, pillow boxes, clear gift boxes, and favor boxes are all in our stock and are readily available for shipping. Closure sticker and hang tab are also available in our stock. More so, we have available heart shaped boxes, which receive much sales during valentine's season".

Durapak Supplies also has available clear plastic boxes which are ideal for all food contacts. Individuals looking for clear plastic boxes have various choices to make from, which includes heart box, cylinder box, oval box, telescope boxes, and more. Thus, Durapak Supplies ships these boxes to other countries like Canada, Mexico, Middle East and other European countries.

About Durapak Supplies
Durapak Supplies was established in the year 2000. They provide a large collection of warehouse packaging and shipping materials that can be useful to households and warehouses, in quickening the process of products packing and shipping. At Durapak Supplies, they also provide clear plastic boxes for retail packaging as well as for displaying various products. Their clear gift boxes can also be used for packaging gifts for weddings, birthdays, etc. They are available in wide assortments of sizes, thickness and patterns, etc., on their stocks. Businesses in search of a clear gift boxes manufacturer to package party gifts and make it seem more attractive can get their orders from Durapak Supplies.