Durham's Queen's Delight: Bee Pollen Promises Vitality and Health in a Bottle


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Those interested in living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy supplementing their daily nutrition with supplements should strongly consider Queen's Delight by Durham’s featuring 1500mg of bee pollen per pill.

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“Royal Jelly is fed to bee larvae to become queens. All Royal Jelly, and honey for that matter, begins with all natural bee pollen,” said David Thomas.

Many people know about the natural benefits of honey, but more do not realize the potency contained in natural bee pollen.

“Bee pollen is as natural as it comes. It is the pollen collected from bees naturally along with bee saliva”, Thomas continued.

Bee pollen is necessary for the production of honey and Royal Jelly.

“The average hive collects bee pollen naturally from flowering plants in the wild or from farmers who need to pollenate crops. Each capsule of Durham’s contain 1500mg of bee pollen, so you can be sure of the healthful effects,” Thomas said.

About Bee Pollen
The benefits of bee pollen are numerous. Most people cite its use for dietary supplements, health boosting and maintenance and for healthy skin. The amino-acids and other ingredients assist in the body’s natural systems and boost skin softening.

“The ancients understood the power of bee pollen and its healthful benefits. After 2000 years, it is coming full circle. Bee pollen is one of nature’s superfoods because of all of the proteins, amino acids and other naturally occurring health factors,” Thomas added.

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David Thomas